Keep Calm and Craft

Hi and welcome back to my blog. It feels so good to be able to come here and share with you. Like always thanks old and new for coming back and if you are new to this blog, subscribe to see what I come up next.

Today craft is a small one as part of my desk organization. The last time I shared a craft I showed you this box I used to store my pens I use often. Well today organizer is for all the other pens and supplies I don’t reach for as often, but like to keep on hand.The items I used for this holder was as shown. All the items were from Dollar Tree except the gorilla glue. I brought a medium size gift box as well as the mirrors that are used as candle holder.The first thing I did was I started to glue the mirrors to the four sides of the box. I used clips to hold the mirrors to the box. I had to let the mirrors dry for 24 hours to make sure the glue cured. Once the mirrors had dried,this is what the box looked like.For what I was planning to use it for I could have stopped here, but I found some gem stickers and decide to use them.This is what I came up with.I didn’t add gems to the inside top edge because once the pens and supplies was added you couldn’t see it.

As you can see it looks very nice on the organizer I had previous shown. Sorry for the reflection in the mirror. As shown you cannot see the inside of the box once the pens and other supplies are added. I think this is a nice addition to the organizer.

I hope you enjoy this quick craft and I hope you stick around for my room reveal coming soon,when I tie all theses crafts together.

I will now leave you like always,

Keep Crafting

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