Making over my space : The Fails

Hi and welcome back to my blog.Thanks to everyone who remain here waiting to see if and when I’m returning. I know I said I will be back here on a regular and I will once I’m finish this madness call my room. It seems every time I’m that close to have it done something happens.Remember my peg board I shares awhile back. I decided to hang it in the area that it is located in this picture. Since I live in an apartment I couldn’t hang it the conventional way, so I found some command hooks for heavy items and I reinforced it with gorilla tape. I held up on the wall for awhile,months,and one day the gorilla tape decide it had enough and released the hook. Needless to say now instead of it being held up by two hooks,only one hook remain. The funny thing about that situation is that hook is still taped to the wall.Now I have to figure how to put my peg board back on the wall. My second problem ( well not really a problem) is my little craft corner. I decided to extend my desk to create a L shape for that corner.I have to wood and everything to extend the desk,but I don’t want to spend too much money on the legs for the wood. I haven’t had a chance to shop around for them either. I will only be using the extension to place my printer on so I can put my sewing machine in the current location of the printer for easier access. There also some finishing touches I would like to get for the room,so I was planning to go with my daughter and roommate to the Goodwill. On the good side I finally reorganized my closet.I will share that with you in the next blog,coming soon.

I also want to do a quick share of an item I found in my local thrift store

I saw this and thought it would be good for planner suppliers.My plans for this is to paint it and add either wheels or gliders and keep all my planner stickers and other supplies in it and to be able to slide it under my bed when its not in use.Like everything else, I will share the finish project with you.
I guess this is the end f this blog. And I will leave yo like always,

Keep Crafting.

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