Enjoy the little things

Hello and welcome back to my blog. As always I want to thank my returning subscribers for sticking around and welcome new subscribers.

Today I have a small haul for you. This haul contain items from a few different days, as well as a few stores.The first two items are some dominoes and gorilla glue. I decided to try gorilla glue because I previously used the gorilla wood glue and I like the way it hold.I’m not giving up my E-6000,just trying something different.The dominoes I picked up from Dollar Tree and the gorilla glue from Walmart.Both for a future craft projects.The next items was purchased from Dollar tree. The tower game I used for a craft project I previously shared. The other is just some household items and some white out.

The next items I purchased was some fabric and ink joy gel pens. The fabric is for a project I’m planning for my room decor. I just have a couple of touches I have to complete and I will share my room. These items I purchased from Walmart.The next items I purchased from Joann Craft store. I wanted to try the Foil Quill heat pen.This heat pen was made for the cutting machines. These pen comes in sets with adaptors for all cutting machines. I will be using this for my cricut maker. I want to try making foil stickers for my planner. So along with the heat pen, I purchased some foil sheets. While at Joanns I finally found a classic size Happy Planner Notebook. I wanted to use this for all my pre planning along with my happy planner. I purchase extra sheets for my notebook.I made this purchase earlier than the other purchase I shared earlier in this blog. Originally I wanted to use this fabric for a decor element in my room but decided to add the rose tones. I also purchase cafe hooks for my canopy curtains.I did purchase a canopy for my bed, but I haven’t found the right sheer curtains yet.The last items are just household items. Except the hanging planter,which I have a craft planned for that. All those items was purchased from Dollar Tree.

Well that’s my haul for you. I hope you found it interesting. Please stick around to see my upcoming projects as well as my room tour. Until than,

Keep Crafting

Real life is starting to interfere with my crafting time.

Hello and welcome back to my blog. It has been a long break since my last blog for which I’m sorry but what my title states is so true. Like always I want to thank everyone who remain here with me as well as new subscribers.

I haven’t been blogging for a while because I haven’t been doing much crafting. I don’t want to use this blog as a place to just talk about non-crafting stuff,but to share my creativity. I’ve been planning crafts,but I do not have the time to execute them. In the nearly three weeks absent,I have made one thing,which I will share in this blog. In upcoming blogs I have a few hauls I will share. So without any further rambling let me share my desk organizer.

All the items shown here except for the gorilla glue is from the Dollar Tree. The Gorilla glue I picked up from Walmart.

I picked up 12 plastic storage draws,4 bamboo chopping boards as well as a couple of the tower game, also not shown here is E-6000 glue.

The first thing I did was to start to glue 2 of the bamboo chopping boards together. This project took about 4 days to complete because it takes up to 24 hrs for both the E-6000 and gorilla glue to cure. As you can see I had to use clamps to hold the board together while they dried.The next step was to glue the plastics draws together. I stack them in two sets of six for the height I wanted them to be on my desk. After stacking them the way I wanted, I proceeded to use the E-6000 to glue them together and than put the aside to dry.When the board had dried I decided I wanted to add the tower blocks to the back and the side of the chopping board, so when pushed against the wall none of the stuff on the shelf would fall off.I ended up with three rows on the two sides and the back.When all the glue had dried I painted the shelf with some chalk paint in the color camel.Once all the paint and glue was dried on the individual pieces I attached the shelf to the plastic boxes. Because I was going to use it to organize my desk, I didn’t wait for the glue to dry. I add my items to the shelf which help to hold the shelf to the boxes. This is how it turned out. I used the shelf to hold my staplers,hole punch as well as mouse and tape. The plastic draws is where I store little supplies such as post it notes, staples,paper clips etc, just little things that can make a desk messy. Also as you can see with the space in the middle I have access to my mint machine as well as my go to planner pens.

I just love the way it turned out and I like the fact that everything is in a nice neat space. So i hope you enjoyed this blog and if you decide you want to try it please send me a picture.

Until next time

Keep Crafting