Better late than never: A blog story

Hi and welcome. I’m glad you are here,and like always thank you for spending a little of your time here with me. I know its late blog,but I wasn’t feel too good today but I didn’t want the day to end without something. So today I have a small misc haul for you.I picked up some fat quarters for my pillows. I think I shared some throw pillows I picked up from the thrift store,and I wanted to make some covers for them so they can match as well as match my room colors. I will insert the pictures of my pillows below if you haven’t seen them. As you see they are very nice size throw pillows and where as the look good on the futon, they were purchased for my bed,as well as to give my pebbles something to lay on when she’s in my bed.So I’m planning to make covers for the pillows in those shades of blue. I’m planning changing my bed spread but for now its in my room colors. As you can see my walls are painted a sort of off white so my colors can be changed at any time.I also purchased some cafe hook for my canopy bed, (next purchase that will be mention next).I purchase these hooks because I can change my curtains without ever taking down the canopy. And speaking of the canopy, I purchased this from was from amazon.Its a set of metal rods to turn your bed into a canopy bed.Originally I wanted to make it myself out of PVC pipes, but I went to Lowes and was able to get everything I needed except the 3 way elbows and someone to cut the pipes for me. I probably will eventually go that route because these rods aren’t the best quality and I feel they are a little crooked. I plan on putting sheer curtains up,but I haven’t gotten around to finding what I like. Once I do my room decor reveal you will see it all. That should be coming real soon. So I will bring this blog to and end and will leave you like always,

Keep Crafting

My planning process

Hi and welcome to my blog. I want to give a big thanks to all my subscribers who remain with me throughout my coming and goings,my ups and downs,and all my craziness. Without you this would not be possible. I would also like to thank all my new readers and subscribers for joining my blogging adventure. Yes I know I say the same thing every week in my intro, but it’s the only way I can express my gratitude and I will never wavier.

So now lets get to todays blog.

Today I want to share with you my planning process. As most of you know I’m a planner girl and I like to plan everything down to the last detail. My planner style is more like memory keeping,but I have basic things like to do list, appointments and any thing else that might be important. But this isn’t what this blogs about its about my planning process for crafts I share. Whether its just something I want to try because I seen someone do it, or its something i use for home decor,I plan it. I also take thing I see on Pinterest and You Tube and put my own twist to it. The funny thing about my planning process is I usually make my purchases first and than plan. I do this because I know what I’m working with and I know if I need to add or subtract from the project.

So I will now share my process.As I stated earlier I like to get my inspirations from either Pinterest or You Tube,but I also like to look at different magazines. My two favorite is Martha Stewart Living as well as Better Homes & Gardens. I’m always interested in what the new trend is for the season especially colors. I usually stick to my favorites,any shade of blue with maybe a touch of pink,but these two magazines inspire me to get out of my comfort zone. After getting inspired, than get out my planners and start writing ideas and things I want to do.I use my creative organizer book from Target to help me set a goal and a time table. This book is set up like a goal project book. It has spaces in it to write what project being attempted and what you need to get started as well as when you would like it to be complete.I do not use this book for my simple crafts,but for big organization projects such as my bedroom/craft room decor and organizing my closets. This book is good because it gives you enough space to record everything. The other item is my personal Foxy Fix Travelers Notebook. This is my everyday carry,which means it goes with me almost everywhere. I use this not only as a daily planner but it helps me keep track with the items I need for a particular project. Basically I almost use it like my creative organizer book,but with this if i see something that i need to purchase I can note where I saw it and the price of that item. If its something for a big project I transfer the info to my creative organizer book.

The next thing I do is gather all my materials together and place them in one general area. I do this because I have a lot of craft items in different boxes and I don want to search for what I need just before I start my project. For small items I just place them in a medium sizes zippered bag.When I’m ready to to a particular craft I have everything except my tools and glue to start working on that project. The great part about doing this is if I have a sewing project to complete I store this little bag right on my sewing machine in the corner.All ready to do any craft I have planned, and everything is together so all I have to do is start. Well I hope you enjoyed this blog and found my planning method some what helpful in you crafting life. I will leave you like always,

Keep Crafting

Small craft project

Hi and welcome back to my blog. You have just entered a world of inventing and reinventing. It will be a crazy ride, but I would like to thank you for returning and if you are new welcome.

Today is a small crafting project I was working on for our common area. I will tell you It took me two times to do this small project to get it right. I made a key holder for our keys. So the items I used for this project was a wood frame I purchased from Micheals, some paint from Walmart as well as key hooks and letter stickers from Dollar Tree.You will also need some painters tape.

The first thing I had to do for this project was to decide what kind of design if any I wanted to put on the frame. So I taped off where I wanted the designs and what colors I wanted in that area.FAIL ALERT:this was my first attempt of a design. I through I would keep it nice and simple.This what you get when you try to go simple,a big messy fail. Its started out ok, Nut paint colors started to run into each other and I try to patch it, and yep a BIG FAIL. Lets take two.Here’s frame no 2. I decided on another design in which I tape my layout and made sure it was really tight agains the frame. I didn’t want any bleed thru. After the paint dried a little,I removed the painters tape and this is the design I liked.I added the letters at the top and the key hooks at the bottom of the frame.I also added some pretty scrapbook paper in the center.Here’s my finish project.This was just a temporary spot because as you can see I still had the other key hooks on the wall. But I just wanted to show how it looked once it was installed on the wall.It look good there and it just added a pop of color to a plain white wall.

So I hope you enjoyed this small craft and if you decide you want to try it, please share,I love to see what twist you can add.

Till next time

Keep crafting.

Coffee Time: I’m back!!!!

Hi and welcome back to my blog. Thanks to all who continue to come back to all this craziness that is this blog,and welcome to my new readers and subscribers. So as I mention in my last blog, I had sort of a side job I do this time of year,every year and that’s income tax. I use to have a small client list when I was in New York,but now I’m here in FL,I only do taxes for the fam. So I didn’t have time to blog because I needed to take my free time to concentrate on that, as well as planning my crafting life(lol),BUT IM BACK NOW,and I have so much to share. Yes I’ve had one craft project I wanted to complete for the common area,which was a small project. I do have a small haul also. I finally went through my you tube footage and I just hate it. I tried to do some editing but yuk!!!.So some stuff I will have to rerecord. Another thing I’ve been planning is spring cleaning. I’m trying to schedule what I’m going to do and when. There is so much that need to be done in the common areas. I have to plan what I want to do and when,because I’m working full time(for now) and my schedule is set up that I work three days than I’m off, work two days and I’m off. My room is almost finished. I finally have the final element to my room and that’s my canopy for my bed. I just need the time to install it as well as find some nice curtains. I was also look at ideas on Pinterest,so I’m thinking about adding a valence as well.Its all about the planning. I’m working hard to have content for this blog and I will share everything with you. I also decide to keep my name for this blog the same,my reason for this is my crafty world is not just about being crafty in terms of crafts,but in terms of inventing and reinventing.So I will leave you like I always leave you with a twist,


keep crafting

My haul

Hi and welcome back to my blog. I would like to welcome new readers as well as thank returning subscribers. Today I will share a haul with you. I went to Dollar Tree,Target,Five Below, as well as picked up some things from Walmart.

So from Walmart I just picked up some craft sticks and large glue sticks. I had larger glue gun I purchased from Micheals and I hadn’t a chance to purchase refills and I notice Walmart sold them.I’m planning to make some kind of organizer for my desk to hold important papers I need to deal with as well as post it notes and list pads.I also purchase a new collar for my Pebbles.

The next items I purchased from Dollar Tree. I usually don’t share everything I purchase from Dollar Tree but I was filming the haul and figure what the heck. The first item I want to share is food items.I always purchase my turkey bacon from Dollar Tree because its good what more can I say. The two pies are for my daughter. She just loves those.The next items are house items,pet and a facial scrub.I just needed some basic items for the apartment,I keep pads for pebbles in case she has to use the bathroom and we cant get her out fast enough. I also like to keep them on hand so if she throws up she knows to do it on the pad. The last item is a facial scrub by Bolero. I recently purchased the facial wipes by this brand and now they are making facial scrub.Also from Dollar Tree I purchase some office supplies. Erasers a donut tape dispenser,color gel pens,a note pad and a pack of glue dots.The last item I purchased from Dollar Tree was these LCD light up pineapples. I saw a couple of people on You Tube hauled them and when my store finally got them in I had to buy them.I will of course use them as decor.

The next place I went was to Target. I just purchased a set of 18 hangers,nothing big to see. I went to five below to purchase another shoe rack. I wanted to expand the one I made with Micheals crates,but I don’t have the time to go to Micheals, so I just purchased one.I went to Payless because the one near Five below is going out of business,so I wasn’t really looking for anything,but did purchased this wallet which has a pocket for a cellphone. I just figure on days I dont carry lunch to work this would be good just to take my basics.Well that’s my haul for you. I hope you enjoy seeing what I purchased. I will be back with another blog soon,but until then,

Keep Crafting

Coffee Time: A blog in review

Hi and welcome back to my blog. Thank you to all who are returning as well as those who are here for the first time. Stick around for all the craziness this blog may bring.This week blog post was a little short,I didn’t have too much to share. I will try to share as much as I can in the upcoming weeks,but its tax season and I haven’t started my side job, Preparing income tax . So I will try to have some blog post up this week,but duty calls.This week blog I had a couple of crafts,a haulas well as some straight talk. Lets start with the straight talk. This week I asked my readers opinion on whether or not I should rebrand. So far I only received one response,so if you do have any suggestions,I’m still listening. I will take all comments in consideration. I also had a chance to do two crafts last week,I made a bedside organizer as well as showed you my spring/Easter table centerpiece.The last thing I shared this week was some pens I purchased from Pen Gems,Villabeatuifful,Disney,Wish and Walgreen. I wanted to share these items for my planner peeps.Well as you can see this has been a slow blogging week.I hope this coming week will contain lots more content. So until then,

Keep Crafting

Quick and easy craft

Hi and welcome to my blog. Thank you for returning to this blog.Today I’m going to share with you a small craft. It is a quick and easy bedside organizer.

To make this quick and easy organizer, I used two cloth placemats from the dollar tree. I just want to tell you also before I continue, this was not original idea,I was searching Pinterest for organizer for my desk and this is came up. I decided to make this to keep little things like my pens,glasses, notepad and daily devotional etc.

The first thing I had to figure out is how many pockets I needed and what I want to put in those pockets,I than pinned it together and sew.After the pockets was sewn I than had to sew it to the main piece. To do this I used clips to make sure the bottom match up.Once the bottom was matched up and clipped, I proceeded to attach the pockets to the main piece.This is what the finished organizer look like when finished.The organizer has small pockets that can hold notepads,pens and even my glasses. There also one big pocket to hold larger items.

I really like how this organizer turned out and the best part is everything is right at my finger tips,no more reaching across to my side table. But the best part of it is it only cost me $2.00 and I used items found at Dollar Tree.

So as always, I will leave you with this,

Keep Crafting

Pen Haul

Hi and welcome back to my blog. Thank you for sticking around and see what I’m doing next.

Today blog is a small pen blog. As my planner people know pens is as important for planning as the planner itself. I hate to admit it,but I have enough pens that if I sat down to write anything,I can use a different pen everyday for at lease 6 months and never use the same pen twice.The one thing I know I inherited from my dad(rip),is my love for pens and paper.So today I will be sharing my small pen haul. I purchased pens from both pen gems and villabeautifful, and as an impulse buy(ugh) a pen from a Disney store.

This is my pen from Villabeautifful. This pen is a ink gel pen and it writes very well. It has a smooth glide and do not skip. The black in is dark and vibrant. I wanted to try this pen because previously I purchased the knockoff from wish.As you can see, the wish pen looks similar to the Villabeautifful pen. It writes well also.

The next pen I will share I purchase was an impulse purchase. I purchase this pen from A Disney store. I like this pen because not only does it have the gems inside, it has the the little Mickey Mouse ornament.

The next pens are repeat purchase. These pens I purchased from Pen Gems. First I would like to tell you the turn over period from the time I purchase and received the pens was fast.These two pens were my first even pen gem pens. Previous I purchase pens like this from Amazon, which I have to say are very good pens.I use these pens all the time. I had one issue with these pens and that some of the enamel on the black one scratched off because I just kept in in my purse. These are the the recent addition to my pen gems family.I like theses pens and like all my pen gems, its ball point,has a smooth glide.This last pen just a bonus item is this pearl pen. In planner groups I always see the ones with the diamond(which I have also),but this one. Haven’t seen before. It was just an impulse buy from Walgreens.It is also a ballpoint with very smooth glide.

So I will bring this blog to an end and as always,

Keep Crafting

Branding Talk

Hi and welcome back to my blog. Thank you all for being here and stick around for all the craziness this blog can and will bring. Today I just want to put something I’ve been thinking about out there and your opinion will be greatly appreciated. I’m thinking about rebranding. As you know I want to share other things with you besides crafting. I like to share my planner, my organization, decor as well as continuing crafting. I want to eventually reopen my Etsy shop, which will contain planner stuff, and I want to continue homemade crochet items as well. I want my new branding to reflex other things beside crafting. Another reason is as I’ve mentioned, I’m rebooting my you tube channel and I don’t want just to do crafting on this channel. I want to do vlogs,decor planning, hauls and lots more. So I think rebranding would be a good idea. Tell me in the comments what you think.

So for the new titles I’m considering are:

Sharen’s crafty world and more.

Sharen: not just a crafty world.

Sharen living in a crafty world and beyond.

What do you think about these idea titles

I would really like your opinion, I like the name I have but I’m doing so much more now. So once again leave me your idea in the comment section below. And as always

Keep Crafting

Welcome to my common area pt 1

Hi and welcome back to my blog. Much thanks to my returning subscribers as well as new readers and subscribers.I hope you enjoy this crazy,crazy ride you just boarded and I hope you continue to come back for more crafting craziness. So today blog I want to start to share the beginning of our common room decor. First I want to say I never really cared about decorating anything, but since I’ve move to Florida, I want to have this feel of home,and not a quest visiting. Yes I cook,clean and everything else you do in your home,but sometimes its hard. So with that being said, I decided to start decorating the common area to make it feel live in. I want to come home from work and say I’m home and enjoy it. So I want to share with you the steps I’m taking to make this happen.So I will start with a Dollar Tree haul. I went to Dollar tree looking for the new baskets and storage containers. I ending up passing the Easter and St Patrick Day decor. My whole shopping trip took a 90 degree turn because I also spotted flowers. Now I’m not really the one for flowers,but for some reason I liked them. So I remember this extra large wine glass my daughter had purchase from Five Below and I decide it would make a nice center piece for the table. I picked out some flowers of assorted colors and some with butterflies. I also decided that I can added some St Patrick and Easter elements to the centerpiece so no one gets left out. So along with the flowers I purchase some lucky coins,and some Easter egg ornaments, along with one St Patrick carnation.I gather all my supplies and at first i just kept playing with how I wanted the flowers to be arrange. After arranging my spring flowers, I had to decide where to place the green carnation,to have just a hint of St Patrick. Next I decided how I would incorporate the coins and the egg ornaments within the arrangement. I added some tull around the glass,but it was a little too much.

I added the coins to a serving tray and added the eggs inside the glass for that touch of Easter and color to the glass.This is how our centerpiece turned out.I have all the elements of the up coming holidays as well as the season. I hope you enjoy this sneak peak of my common area decor. I will continue to share and coming soon the reveal, so stay tuned.Until next time,

Keep Crafting