Where I’ve been

Hi and welcome back to my blog. Thank you for returning and if you are new thank you for joining my blog family.I just wanted to come here to explain my temporary absents. Ive been working on a lot of crafts. I took a couple of days off from my blog to work on some craft ideals. My daughter and I not only spend a day crafting,but we video tape them for my you tube channel. I know Ive been talking so much about this channel,but I’ve been recording videos so now its just a matter of uploading and editing. I want to have enough videos so I can download at least two a week and still have time to blog as well as craft. Its been harder lately because I’m working full time now.My hour at my job is not a constant schedule,so some days I’m there early,mid or late shifts. So I’m trying to take at least one of my days off to craft and hopefully I will take a half of a day off to write my blogs for the week(fingers crossed).

I do think that as of late,Ive been doing a little better because of better planning,and from here it should only get a little better. So I hope everyone is doing well and crafting their best life,and I will leave you like always

Keep Crafting.

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