Quick share

Hi and welcome back to my blog. Today i wanted to share a storage solution I had for the modem and router. I purchase these end tables from walmart. They come two in the box an they were simple to put together.My original plan was to make one unit out of the tables and stick them together with the Gorilla glue tape. But as you know in the crafting world things change all the time.This is what I had my modem and router sitting on, which at the time made sense, but to me it made the area look unfinished.This is what the area look like now. The table is neater and I added a storage box from five below to add storage. The other table I decided to use for a bedside table for my charging station. It worked out because it doesn’t construct the desk and I can still reach my cell phone and other items I’m charging when I’m sitting on my bed.It also I place where I keep my preplanning items,as well as book and my lava lamp which I use as a bedside lamp when I’m laying in the bed catching up on videos. Well I hope you enjoyed this blog,and pease look out for my room tour video coming soon.

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