Still organizing.

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So today blog I wanted to share my peg board. I’m working on my room tour video and as soon as I upload and edit it I would like it if you check that out. This is the size I orginally purchased from Lowes. I wanted to added it to a large picture frame, so i wouldnt have to mount it to the wall. This is an rental apartment and I didnt want to add holes I would have to patch and paint if I ever decide to move. So I went to the Well of Hope thrift store and purchase this picture which I shared in a haul.The problem with this ideal is I should have brought the frame first because the frame turned out to be about 2 inches wider than the peg board. I tried to cut and patch the peg board to fit,but to no avail it wouldn’t work. So I went with mother idea.I decided to use this piece as a smaller beg board. So i place this one in the area I wanted to hang it to see if it would fit.I than placed the pegs i wanted to use on the board. I than started to add my craft tools on the board to see how I will organize them. I wanted to make sure I had the right pegs for the right tools You know this took trial and error. After getting a somewhat ideal in how I wanted to organize my tools, I took out my waverly chalk paint int the color pool, my paint tray and roller and proceeded to paint my peg board. It took two coats and two days and yes it still needs one more coat,but I’m thinking about doing it another color.This is what it looked like with one coat of chalk paint.This is what the finished peg board look like install on the wall.I used command hooks as well as gorilla tape to hold it to the wall,but besides the paint job, I think it came out quite nice. I have all my tools accessible when I need them and not taking up space in my craft draws.

So I hope you enjoy my journey to my craft tool organization. Until next time

Keep Crafting.

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