Coffee Time

Hi and welcome back to my blog. I want to thank everyone old and new for subscribing and sticking around to see what I come up next in both the craft and planning world. As you know coffee time is when I sit down with a piping hot cup of coffee and review the blogging week. This blog will be a short one because I did miss three blogging days. So on Mon, Tues and Fri, I didn’t blog at all. On Monday I finally had a chance to tape my video for You Tube. Its still in the editing stage because I didn’t realize when you sit down to truly edit a video it take time. My first video I did as about what planners I use, I tape it on my Ipad uploaded it ,didn’t have much editing to do, added music and download it. This video I’m using a camcorder and I had so many interruptions that day I have a lot of cutting and pasting to do. So needless to say its not done. I think I will need a day to record and a day to edit.So I’m working on a schedule where it dont interfere with my blog and crafting time. On Wednesday I shared how I make functional stickers for my planner using my cricut maker.I recently start using the big happy planner and stickers for the planner are getting hard to find. So I decided to try making my own.Like everything there will be trial and error,but for my first try,I dont think they are too bad. So Thursday was Valentine’s Day. I shared my living space decor. We just added some heart on the wall and made some sweetheart message hearts.I just you can say my we put our hearts on display.I also shared by table arrangement and my pen holder on my desk which I will keep as is on my desk. I will probably remove the heart picks and add Easter egg picks or flowers. I just loved the vase and didn’t care it was Valentine themed.Yesterday blog was a small haul.Not much happening there,just a few items for decor and items I needed.So that’s what has been happening this week. Next week have so many projects planned and of cos I will share them with you so stay tuned. Also I’m coming to the end of my room redo. I hope to sharing that with you as soon as a week or two. My plan for my room reveal will not only be a blog,but I will be recording it for my channel. The video will just show the room after,but the blog will share more details.So stick around because all will be revealed soon.I will now leave this blog like always ,

Keep Crafting

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