Small Dollar Tree Haul

Hi and welcome to my blog. Like always I want to thank everyone for sticking around and seeing what I’m up to today.

Yesterday I decided to start planning my spring decor. I want to do some kind of flower arrangement for the well as a wreath for the door. At Dollar tree I didn’t find any flowers that grab me,but you know me my next day of I will be returning. So I let see what I did get.See it was a very small haul. I picked up 3 things for future crafts and the others was just needed items. Lets start with need items. Pillow case, I recently purchased more pillows for m bed and as you know full sheet sets only come with two pillow cases. I need two more and I picked them up to match my sheet.The next item were stones. I had purchase a galvanize window planter and I wanted to transfer my plants to it. I wanted to use the stones for drainage. The last two items are folders and clips. The two items for decor elements was the ribbons and the form eggs. I will be using the ribbon for a wreath and the eggs will be added to the wreath for Easter decor than I will add flowers to the wreath using the same ribbon for spring and summer decor. When the time come I will probably add spring and summer flowers to the wreath. So that my really really small haul. I also want to add I’m now on google plus, if you are interested in planning and crafting I have a community board they and I would like it if you join me there to share your crafts and planner style. I will be happy to see you there and more than happy so see what crafts you are interested in. Its the same name of the blog so come over .Well I will end this blog like always,

Keep Crafting

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