Coffee time

Hi and welcome to my blog. I’m going to do something different today for my intro. I know every intro I thank all my subscribers old and new for reading my blog, so I’m doing to say this one thing. I want you all to know I’m really thankful for all of you who read this blog. I appreciate all my support I receive from you and I think at this point you all know this.So I’m going to give you all one last shout out and a great big thanks for being here and sticking with me through all inconsistency,and hope you continue to remain here. With that being said lets get to coffee time.

As you know coffee time is the day I sit down with my hot cup of coffee and give you a quick review of the past week blog.So this week I did miss two days blogging. My daughter was here from NYC and she left to go home on Wed. So I didn’t blog on Mon or Wed,because of that’s reason. I wanted to have some time with her and I didn’t have time to craft or work on my room. This week I shared how I made stamps for my planner. I did use the silhouette mint machine. I design this stamp to have what I track daily in my household planner.

My next blog was my bathroom redo. I showed my before,after and after picture of how I re-re organize my bathroom under the sink cabinet. I still have a lot of stuff,but its much neater than before with the labeled boxes. P is for Puff, I shared a story about Puff the cat and shared this paper mache unicorn I did for my daughter.My last share for the week was this bottle I did. I still dont know where I will display it but I think it is nice for accent lighting. When I decide where its home will be I will share it with you.Well I hope you enjoy this issue of coffee time and I will leave you like always,

Keep crafting.

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