More decorative elements.

Hi and welcome back to my blog. I will make this short and sweet(maybe). Thanks to all my subscribers, old and new for being here. With your continue support, I will continue to blog.

So as you know I’m redecorating my bedroom/craft area. There are a few more details I’m working on and that will be shared here soon. Now I’m just preparing little small decor items,because once I do the big projects the room will be finished. So today project is when I purchase the item from Dollar Tree I didn’t have any idea where I want to put it but I knew what I wanted to use it for.I is a bottle that can used for oils, vinegar etc. A while back I purchase some bottle lights and I figure this would be the perfect bottle for it. I also decided to use chalk paint and give it a distressed look.So to prepare the bottle for the chalk paint, (which is pool blue)I had to wipe the bottle down with alcohol. This is to remove any oils from the bottle.The next steps was to put two coats of the chalk paint on the bottle. The instructions said wait 2 hours in between coats,but I let it sit overnight.

After the paint dried, I use 80 grit sand paper to distress the bottle. I didn’t want to distress it too much,because I just want to use it for accent lighting not functional lighting.After the sanding was done,I put a little chalk wax to seal in the paint.And here what the finished item look like. I still haven’t decided where I want to put it,but I think it will look good anywhere. Well I hope you enjoyed today blog. I will leave this blog like I do always.

Keep Crafting.

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