Coffee Time: Its Back!!!!!

Hi and welcome to my blog. I want to thank all of my subscribers old and new for returning to this crazy mess of a situation I call my blog. I getting it together and I’m back for good.

So as you see from the title coffee time is back. Coffee time is the time I sit back with a cup of coffee and recap my week in blog, so lets get started.

This week for my has been a large haul week. I shared three hauls.All of my hauls was to assist in completing my room makeover.In my quest to redo my bedroom I found my self in stores such as Target, Five Below, Dollar Tree. When I pull everything together I will share the final outcome.Speaking of makeovers, I shared with you my bathroom makeover.My bathroom wasn’t that bad from the beginning,but I need to organize under the sink. I added an stand which has a clothes hamper within the unit,added new shower curtains and it turned out nice.

During the week I also shared my quest for you tube. I showed you all the books and items I using to research and plan my future channel redo. Like everything this past year, I’m going to make a change to my channel. The last thing I shared this week was my craft failures. I wanted to show that even when I sit down and plan, sometimes things just to go well, and its ok.

So what I have plan for you this week. I want to start sharing what I do to plan. How I starting to set up a schedule that include this blog, work and craft life. I hope to complete my room this week and if all goes as plan(Fingers crossed) I hope to record my first video this week.

So I hope you enjoyed this week in review, please come back to see what I’m up to this week.

And as always,

Keep Crafting

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