Small Haul and craft sneak peak

Hi and welcome back to my blog. To all of my subscribers thank you, and to my new subscribers welcome.

Today blog which is a small one consist of a little haul, as well as a craft sneak peak. See this is a small haul. All these items will be used for a decor for my room makeover. So I dont remember if I ever shared this on this blog, but I recently brought a new diffuser for my room because the previous one was noisy. The one thing I like is to run it at night. Most of the time I use relaxing scents in it. So I purchase one that not only is pretty, its really quite.So back to my decor. Remember I purchase this pineapple from Micheals I just wanted to have this item because i wanted it for decor and I also use it for storing small items,coins,hair pins, just misc items. But as part of my plans to redo my room,I wanted my pineapple to look similar to my diffuser. So I purchase the above items. I will share what the final results in an upcoming blog post. Well I will leave you know like I leave you always.

Keep Crafting.

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