Crafting Fails

Hi and welcome back to my blog. As always I want to thank all of my subscribers who stuck with me though my inconsistency and new subscribers. I just want to say without you there wouldn’t be a blog.

So today blog isn’t a craft blog its a fail blog. Yes even I fail at crafts. So lets start with my recent fail. As you know I’m planing to add a pegboard to my wall to help organize my craft tools. But to keep from putting a lot of holes in the wall. I purchase a large picture frame.I purchase this picture from the Well of Hope thrift store for $4 dollars. I liked the size of the frame. So I dismantled the frame, gave the picture to my daughter(planning to reframe the picture in a later date). That was the easy part. Now lets see the fail.This is the peg board I purchase from Lowes. At the time of purchase I had plan to cut it down to several 11×14 size., but after finding the larger frame I decided to go in that direction.So I went ahead and cut my pegboard down to size and took my frame apart. You you when they say measure twice cut once, well that’s a rule for a reason. As much as I as used the glass from the picture to measure peg board, the measurements was still wrong. So when I proceeded to reassemble the frame and put the peg board in the frame I realize the for some reason the measurement was off. I had the right length but the width was off. So needless to say I have to purchase another pegboard. But this time I took measurement of the frame as well as the glass, measured it twice and will return to Lowes and and have it cut by a professional. I will show you how that turned out in a future blog.

Another fail I suffered was trying to make a clock for my desk. I went to Dollar Tree and purchased a wood sign.So long story short, I only wanted the box part so I took the saying off, and proceeded to drill a hole in the box to add my clock component. Needless to say, the box turned out to be to thick and the clock didn’t fit the box.I was so disappointed I didnt take anymore picture, I just threw everything in my project box,(where I keep projects I plan to work on) and called it a day. Once i figure that project out i will share that in a future blog. Well I hope you see that even the best planned crafts can fail, and its alright to fail. My new motto is if first you don’t succeed try again and again til I you get it right,never let a failed craft get you down. I will now leave you like I leave you always,

Keep Crafting

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