What I missed a day. UGH!!!!!

Hi and welcome back to my blog. You know as always I like to thank my current subscribers for remaining with me,as well as welcome new readers and subscribers.I dont have any new projects to share with you today,but I wanted to come here to apologize for missing yesterday. I didn’t do anything the day before because I had a late work schedule as well as appointments. I didn’t want to just to chitchat about nothing because I dont want to bored you,(like I’m doing now).I did spend my day researching projects I would like to try and I’m still working on my room decor. In about two weeks I think I will have it complete the way I want it and will be able to share.One thing I will show you is this bullet type journal I’m planning to use as blog and video schedule. I currently using my travelers journal by May Design for research and basic notes,but this book I will use only for schedules,once I set it up.So that all I have for today,and I will leave you as I leave you always,

Keep Crafting.

Even smaller haul

Hi and welcome back to my blog. To my subscribers welcome bak and to my new readers welcome and if you like what you have read please subscribe.

Today I just have a very small haul,from Dollar Tree. Dollar Tree is so close to me When ever I have some organization ideaSee small haul. I purchase the two small boxes in the back ,one is for Valentine present and the other was just for a decorative element. The blue boxes will be used for planner supplies.The planner supplies I have in a drawer where I keep my craft tools. Plan on using the pegboard to store the craft out in the open as part of the decor. I also purchased a canvas and paint. I’m planning to find a nice meaning for quote and put it on the canvas and frame it.

So that’s my haul for today, sorry it was so small. Sorry my blog was short. I will leave you like always,

Keep crafting

A different kind of blog

Hi and welcome back to my Blog. I like to first thank all my current subscribers for remaining with me ,as well as to welcome new readers to my blog. If you want to stick around and see what trouble I can get into, please subscribe.

Today blog I wanted to share with you my planner spread. I’m what the planner community call a planner babe. I enjoy sitting down once a week and do some minor decoration to my spread. My decor is minimal because I left most of my planner supplies in NY. I’m not planning to purchase to much more till I can go back and take inventory.

So as you can see this is the blank canvas, my planner page and the supplies I used. This week I’m using stamps, a few stickers and washi tape. A good tip for anyone who decide to use stamps, Wet ones or any kind of wet wipes are good or cleaning ink off your stamps. Some of my stamps I made with my mint machine and once you make them you pre ink them.This is what my pages look like once I added the washi tape.This is what my page look likes once I added the stamps and a few stickers. Usually during the day, I will sit down and start planning my week. When time permits, I pre-planner some of my next week in advanced.So I hope you find today blog interesting. And I will leave you like always

Keep Crafting (and planning)

Coffee Time: Its Back!!!!!

Hi and welcome to my blog. I want to thank all of my subscribers old and new for returning to this crazy mess of a situation I call my blog. I getting it together and I’m back for good.

So as you see from the title coffee time is back. Coffee time is the time I sit back with a cup of coffee and recap my week in blog, so lets get started.

This week for my has been a large haul week. I shared three hauls.All of my hauls was to assist in completing my room makeover.In my quest to redo my bedroom I found my self in stores such as Target, Five Below, Dollar Tree. When I pull everything together I will share the final outcome.Speaking of makeovers, I shared with you my bathroom makeover.My bathroom wasn’t that bad from the beginning,but I need to organize under the sink. I added an stand which has a clothes hamper within the unit,added new shower curtains and it turned out nice.

During the week I also shared my quest for you tube. I showed you all the books and items I using to research and plan my future channel redo. Like everything this past year, I’m going to make a change to my channel. The last thing I shared this week was my craft failures. I wanted to show that even when I sit down and plan, sometimes things just to go well, and its ok.

So what I have plan for you this week. I want to start sharing what I do to plan. How I starting to set up a schedule that include this blog, work and craft life. I hope to complete my room this week and if all goes as plan(Fingers crossed) I hope to record my first video this week.

So I hope you enjoyed this week in review, please come back to see what I’m up to this week.

And as always,

Keep Crafting

A haul——Yet again

Hello and welcome to my blog. Like always and forever I would like to thank my current subscribers for sticking with me, as well as welcome my new subscribers..

Todays blog is yet another haul. You will probably see a lot of hauls for a while because I’m trying to decorate my bedroom /craft area and now I’m trying to just add some decor elements to the area. Just some small touches that are functional as well as decorative,without out look over crowed. So lets begin the haul.

Yesterday I went to Lowes,Target,Five Below, Ross and of course Dollar Tree.

My trip to Lowes I hate to admit was a total waste of time. I went to get some PVC pipes and a peg board. I need these items cut and of course they had only one person doing the cutting and a lot of people needing items to be cut,so needless to say it didn’t happen for me.I had other places to go and couldn’t waste anymore time waiting. ( waited for more than an hour about 40 minutes for one item 20 plus minutes for the other)I was told there was a line for cutting items UGH.My next trip was than to Target. I only wanted one thing from Target and that was a notebook for my travel journal by May design which I use for my blog and video planning and research. Look what I got.Sorry for the bad photo of the unicorn, but yes I ended up with some mints(impulse buy) a paper mache unicorn and what I went for my notebook.

The next store I went to was Ross. The purpose of going to this store was to look for a sweater for my Pebbles. The only sweaters they had in store was Christmas sweaters so that was almost a waste.

I did how ever for this item.It is a daily devotional. I have another one in New York, but I forgot to pack it because I usually read them both in the morning and the morning I left I didn’t have the time and rushed out the house without it UGH.

The next store I went to was Five Below. I just recently realized that Five Below is one of the best store to go to for bedroom decor as well storage items,that are functional as well as decorative. OK before I move on, yes that is 3 bags of candy. I like to buy their bulk candy to keep in my diy candy jar. I think I share this in a previous blog but here it is again.The next item I purchased was an inflatable ottoman and cover. I sit at my desk a lot when I come home at night after work, either planning or watching videos, so I purchase this to keep by my desk to put my feet up.The next item is a 3 pocket organizer. I’m using this just for extra storage,because it hangs on the door and I can use it for items i can get to quickly and can be placed on a door and not be in the way. It also bring some decor to a door.Yes decorative and functional.The next two items was just sort of impulse. I purchase a lava lamp, and a bank. The lava lamp because my daughter have one in her room and I like just going to her room a watch it. Its something about watching the “lava” movement that is so relaxing. I also purchase a shadow box bank,because I have some much coins all over the place I figure why not save it. The last place I went to was Dollar Tree. I’m so close to Dollar Tree where I live, it has become my go to for everything. I only picked up these items. The paint and brush is for the unicorn I picked up from Target. I picked the unicorn up for her and she wanted it painted black with a glitter horn. The little bucket is also for my daughter as a catch all for her little items, My other daughter is visiting me from NY and she just need someplace to put her little items that sort of decorative,if place in an empty corner. I purchased 2 because I going to use one to put Pebbles toys and blanket it in.Im going to make it more decorative in the future. The other item is just some bookmarks to use in my planners.

So that is my haul. Soon I will share my completed room and show how all these items come together.

So I will leave you as I do always

Keep Crafting.

Small Haul and craft sneak peak

Hi and welcome back to my blog. To all of my subscribers thank you, and to my new subscribers welcome.

Today blog which is a small one consist of a little haul, as well as a craft sneak peak. See this is a small haul. All these items will be used for a decor for my room makeover. So I dont remember if I ever shared this on this blog, but I recently brought a new diffuser for my room because the previous one was noisy. The one thing I like is to run it at night. Most of the time I use relaxing scents in it. So I purchase one that not only is pretty, its really quite.So back to my decor. Remember I purchase this pineapple from Micheals I just wanted to have this item because i wanted it for decor and I also use it for storing small items,coins,hair pins, just misc items. But as part of my plans to redo my room,I wanted my pineapple to look similar to my diffuser. So I purchase the above items. I will share what the final results in an upcoming blog post. Well I will leave you know like I leave you always.

Keep Crafting.

Crafting Fails

Hi and welcome back to my blog. As always I want to thank all of my subscribers who stuck with me though my inconsistency and new subscribers. I just want to say without you there wouldn’t be a blog.

So today blog isn’t a craft blog its a fail blog. Yes even I fail at crafts. So lets start with my recent fail. As you know I’m planing to add a pegboard to my wall to help organize my craft tools. But to keep from putting a lot of holes in the wall. I purchase a large picture frame.I purchase this picture from the Well of Hope thrift store for $4 dollars. I liked the size of the frame. So I dismantled the frame, gave the picture to my daughter(planning to reframe the picture in a later date). That was the easy part. Now lets see the fail.This is the peg board I purchase from Lowes. At the time of purchase I had plan to cut it down to several 11×14 size., but after finding the larger frame I decided to go in that direction.So I went ahead and cut my pegboard down to size and took my frame apart. You you when they say measure twice cut once, well that’s a rule for a reason. As much as I as used the glass from the picture to measure peg board, the measurements was still wrong. So when I proceeded to reassemble the frame and put the peg board in the frame I realize the for some reason the measurement was off. I had the right length but the width was off. So needless to say I have to purchase another pegboard. But this time I took measurement of the frame as well as the glass, measured it twice and will return to Lowes and and have it cut by a professional. I will show you how that turned out in a future blog.

Another fail I suffered was trying to make a clock for my desk. I went to Dollar Tree and purchased a wood sign.So long story short, I only wanted the box part so I took the saying off, and proceeded to drill a hole in the box to add my clock component. Needless to say, the box turned out to be to thick and the clock didn’t fit the box.I was so disappointed I didnt take anymore picture, I just threw everything in my project box,(where I keep projects I plan to work on) and called it a day. Once i figure that project out i will share that in a future blog. Well I hope you see that even the best planned crafts can fail, and its alright to fail. My new motto is if first you don’t succeed try again and again til I you get it right,never let a failed craft get you down. I will now leave you like I leave you always,

Keep Crafting

My quest for YouTube

Hi and welcome back to my blog. As I do in all my intros, I would like to thank my subscribers for returning and welcome my new subscribers.

Today blog is to show you how I’m planning to restart or revamp my YouTube channel. I have been doing a lot of reading and research and more reading,so I’m hoping to start recording any day now.

So as you all know I’m a planner at heart. I like to research and write down ideal and crafts I would like to try. I like to put pen to paper, take notes,brain dump etc. Even with this blog, I make an outline of what I want to add and the pictures I have taken to be included. So you know I been sitting down and planning my you tube quest.

I purchase books and planner just for my you tube channel so I can produce the best videos showing my crafts that I blog about. So lets see where this journey is taken me so far.

Books:As you can see, I purchase a lot of books about making you tube videos. I want my videos to be a platform on what I love doing. I wanted to research and return different takes on how to produce the best content as well as to get viewers. Also I purchase planners. Don’t judge me about the you tube planner for kids book, I just wanted to get all the information I can, and even if I had to look for advice from kids, Ill take it.

Camera:To make videos, I decided to try a camcorder that also take still photos. My first you tube video I did it with my iPad mini which was fine,because I wanted to see what it was like to make a video. I research this camera on Amazon, and according to the reviews this is the best inexpensive camera for non professionals and individuals starting making videos for you tube. The camera itself came with a remote control and an internal and external mic. I purchase the from Target. It also uses and sd card and come with everything you need to upload videos directly to you to or upload to a computer for editing.

Other thing I’m working on is a background so when I do start recording their will be something that will be different from plain walls.

So this is what I’m planning for my up coming you tube channel. And I will leave this blog like always,

Keep Crafting

What I need to do

Hi and welcome back to my blog. As always i want to thank all my subscribers whom are still here and welcome any new subscribers.

Today blog is a call for information. I know I haven’t been consistent with my blog since I moved to Florida, and for that I apologize. Its been hard for me, whom lived in New York, near my family my whole life to take a leap of faith and not only move away from family, the few friends I have and move to a new state. Its been a big adjustment and even now being here for almost eight months, I’m still adjusting. So now with my new job and trying to settle in my new home, I want to get back to the things I love to do. Crafting and sharing my crafts with you. So I need your help. I need to know what you want to see in this blog. I will continue to share what I do,but I’m also willing to try some new things. I also want to share my planning with you because that’s something Ive always shared on Instagram and Facebook. I would like to show you my style of planning for those who want to start planning and just dont know where to start.I would also like to share my new quest restarting my you tube channel and what Ive been doing to get that ball rolling.So please stick around because Ive only just beginning to make this blog bigger and better than before.

So I will leave you like always,

Keep crafting

My room redo pt 1

Hello and welcome back to my blog. As always I want to thank all of my subscribers who are still with me for staying, and welcome any new subscribers. I’m trying to keep this blog going and now setting up a blogging schedule to share more content with you. So in today blog I want to share my bathroom redo.As shown in the before pictures it was just a plain bathroom.Everything was just thrown everywhere and it was just a room to take care of our needs. I know, its not a room that we spend a whole lot of time in, but shouldn’t it look nice anyway.

So first thing i decide to do was tackle under the sink cabinet. That was the hardest task I had because there are 3 woman using this bathroom now. Me and my two daughters.Also side note: I ended up repurchasing these baskets in blue. I wanted to try to reorganize the cabinet in sections, cleaning hair care and make up and first aid.In the end this is what I can up with. It is so better organized, still a little over crowed,but now you can find what you are looking for . The next thing i wanted to do was put some kind of organizer in my bathroom to free up my counter. I like this organizer because I can put items we use everyday on it and it and it frees up counter space.I added items like a shower organizer, new shower curtains,a basket to hold extra toilet paper and cleaning sponges, face rags and hand towels as well as a basket to hold things like foot soaker,toilet brush,plunger and just stuff that can end up on the floor. I also added some pictures I received from my uncle a long time ago.So that’s what my new and one what improved bathroom look like. I hope you enjoy this peek inside my bathroom decor and organization.I will leave this blog like always,

Keep Crafting.