What is going on with this blog

Hi and thank you for sticking around to this blog if you are a returning subscriber,and welcome if you are a new subscriber. I know its been a while since I last blog and this time I will not give an excuse for not being here. I just need to find the time to work,craft and blog. Since Ive been here in Florida, its been a hard experience.Ive been trying to work as many hours that I’m allowed as well as home improvement crafts. I also would like to take this blog and branch out and make it more than just a crafting blog. I want to go back to my roots of sharing hauls as well as share my other passion which is planning. I have a you tube channel which only have one video I made before I moved,but I would like to restart that channel. I want to have a chance to sit down and write and improve this blog. I working on getting my Etsy shop back opened.So I have a lot of things on my plate and it might look like I dont care about my blog anymore but its far from the truth. I want to do better and be better for my readers as well as myself.So with all being said I want to show you a redo craft. Its a craft I did before. Remember this from the blog placemats not just for tables. In that blog I took a couple of placemat from a thrift store and made a tool organizer. Well after I did that blog I decided to improve it. I not so much wanted to improve it , I wanted it to more convenient to use. So this is what I did.I took my an extra hanger and sew the two organizers together. The reason why I did this was to be able to add a command hooks and attached it to my desk. It will be more accessible when I’m crafting. This is what the organizer look like when its filled with craft tools. I was thinking that even in the future to add wooden dowels to it and add another decorative element to it and hang it on the wall either near my sewing or cricut machine.

Well I will bring this blog to an end . But one thing before I leave you,I want to give all my subscribers a little gift for sticking around. Its not much just a small thank you. If your are interested please leave me a comment and I will get back to you asap.And as always,

Keep crafting