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Hi and welcome back to my blog. First I would like to thank all of my new readers. If you like what you have read, please subscribe to this blog and see what I can come up with next.Second to my subscribers who have returned, thank you, this means a lot to me. I know its been a week since there have been a blog post and I do have good reasons. Work. I having been trying to pick up shifts, so on my day off I’m planning new crafts or working on some decor for my room and our common living area. I have a lot of craft projects to show you and will very soon.I even have a project that I shared in a previous blog and made a little bit better.There is something that I want to share with you today. As you may or may not know I’m a planner girl. I love everything that have to do with planning. I like to put stuff on paper and then execute them. I also have some planners that I sit down with to plan in and I like to decorate and include everything that will keep my life in order. With that being said, I’m thinking about redoing my blog to include planner stuff. I would like to share with you sticker, planner layouts and all that is planners within this blog.This is something I post to instagram every week and I’m really proud of it. Another weekly post I would like to share is item that I make using my cricut maker. I finally have my maker set up and been using it more more. I want to share with you how I use my cricut to make stickers for my planner and how I use it to cut out fabric for different home decor items. There is so much I want to share with you so I hope you will stay, the ride might be a little bumpy,but I hope it will be enjoyable.So before I bring this blog to an end I want to share with you a very small haul with you. I purchase these item from my local Dollar Tree, for a desk organization project. The first items are cabinet shelves. These are used to give you space in your cabinets for stacking plates and cups. I will be using these for the same purpose but on my desk. The next item is stacking organization draws. If you remember from an early blog post when I lived in NY, I purchase these items from Dollar Tree online and I used them to organize smaller items on my desk. I like them so much I purchase some more to help in organizing my new crafting area. This last item is just regular zip ties. Zip ties are always an important craft supply and no crafting arsenal should be without them. I will also be using them with my cabinet shelf organizer.

So that the end of this blog. I will leave you as I always do,

Keep Crafting

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