What’s coming up

Yes I’m back I guess after 4 days you figured it would take weeks for me to return but IM BACKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!! First of all before I get to crazy I would like to thank my subscribers for returning to this blog with all its inconsistency. I’m trying gang. To any one who just happened to be passing through WHATS UP. Please subscribe and stick around to see what going on. So today I just wanted to come here to catch up. I don’t have a craft today because I’m working on planner stickers. As a planner girl I like to decorate my planner pages. Moving here to Florida I don’t have access to new stickers like I use to so I’ve been working on what type of stickers I want and their function. So I’ve been planning. so I took out my trusted journal I purchased from Michaels and start planning. This book is where I keep all my craft planning and ideas at.SoI’ve been taking measurements and writing what I want printed on my stickers.Etc. Sometime this evening will sit at my computer or this iPad, design them on cricut design space, print and cut them. If all goes well I will share them in my next blog. Well I will bring this short blog to an end, and like always

Keep crafting

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