I’m Back!!!!!!!

Hi and welcome back to my blog. I’m so grateful you have stuck around with me. Thank you for returning and seeing what kind of craziness I can create. So what have a been up to. I decided to do something a little different today. One day I was at work and a customer purchased some shredded chicken. It looked really good and I was thinking to myself,I can make that myself. So I decided to try. To make the shedded chicken I purchase some boneless/skinless chicken breast and barbeque sauce. I used an assortment of my favorites seasonings. I don’t have pictures of the actual making of the chicken, but what I did was boil the chicken down so it can be easily shredded. Side note, I used the the broth from the chicken to add to my dog dry food. The broth didnt contain any seasoning and she loves it. This is what I called a two for. So back to the chicken. Once it was finished cooking I put it on the plate and let it cool a little bit.As shown above, once the chicken cool down some, I cut it up in pieces and preceded to use two fork and shred the chicken. After the chicken was shredded, I put it into a baking pan and add my seasoning.After adding all the ingredients, I placed it in the oven and let it bake about 10 minutes at 350 degrees. As you see once you put all the seasoning on it including the barbecue sauce, It kind of wet. So that’s the reason I put it in the oven for 10 minutes. This gives the chicken some time to absorb the barbecue sauce. Here is what it looks like once it finishes. I’m showed two different ways you can serve it. I chose to have mine on a bed of jasmine rice, where as my daughters choice was to place it on a roll as an open faced sandwich.

So I hope you enjoyed this blog, it was something different which I can add to this blog.

Please comment. And as always

Keep crafting.

Where have I been: an update

Hi and welcome back to my blog. I want to thank you for all of you whom are still here waiting to see what I’m up to, and what craft I have been working on. This blog today is to just update you on what has been going in since my last post. As you know Ive moved to Florida and just like everything new, its been an adjustment. I transferred to a new Micheals which was hard because I went from customer service manager to a certified framer. I went from having 36 plus hours a week to getting any where from 12-16 hours a week. I had to go to another county to work,which with hardly no hours and no stable transportation, it was really hard. So with a heavy heart I had to resign my position at Micheals. I’m so sad but I couldn’t do it anymore. The good news is I did get a job at Walmart in my area. I get better hours and its within walking distance. On nights that I work late an Uber is so much cheaper. So the good news, I’m still crafting and Micheals will continue to be part of my crafting life, but now I can get craft supplies at Walmart also. I have been working on some many crafts and I have them to share with you, but this is the first time since Ive started Walmart that I had a chance to write. I have so much to share and I want to show you updates of our apartment. So I hope you stick around because you are about to get craft overload.

So I will leave you like I always leave you.

Keep crafting