A lady never discuss the size of craft stash.

Hi and welcome back to my blog. Today is share day for me. I wanted to share with you where I store my craft supplies for now, as well as the area I planned to set up my new craft area. So I think I mentioned before my craft area will be smaller than my previous one because I do have less space.I will make the best of what I have and make it organized enough to work on my crafts and have room to maneuver in my space. I’m still looking for a desk that will fit my space and have enough room to set up my cricut maker, sewing machine and printer with room to sit and work on my planner. So let me show you where I have my craft stored.So now that you see it let me explain the mess you see. I have a walk in closet. Sitting on the floor I have multiple storage boxes containing assorted craft supplies. These supples includes fabrics,paint and misc craft supplies. On the shelf I have my craft tools organizer my mint and circut machine including my mats. Also I have my tool box (for all my nails wrench’s screw drivers etc). I also have my sewing boxes containing all my sewing supplies.Next is my chest which contain supplies that I dont really use on a regular basis and some larger items I couldn’t fit in the storage crates. Under my craft tools organizer I have my printer as well as a cabinet I use to store planner supplies. (It was damaged in moving, but nothing a little sanding and paint can’t handle) Also lets talk about the old cassette holder. I use that now to store all my plug for my machines, but will be recycling it to be something useable hopefully.

Here is the area I planning to set up my new crafting space. I will first show you an overview of my room.So this what my room look like now not including the area where I’m setting up my craft area. I have my own bathroom so that’s another reason my room is smaller and the walk in closet. This area is where I’m going to set up my new craft area. I will get good light from the window and I will be able to sit, work on crafts and have space for my bed and other items. You know as soon as I set up my area I will share it all with you. I hope you stay around to see how my journey ends.

Until then,

Keep crafting

Crafty Life

Hi and thank you for returning to my blog. Today I realize that the hardest thing to do is decorate your own space. For years Ive lived with my mother and I had a room. That room was were I slept and my craft haven. Since Ive moved(Yes I have roommates) its been hard to decide what we need for our space. I also have the job of creating a craft space for my room,so i can move my stuff out of the closet. For now all I can do is some small decor item. I know that’s backwards but as soon as I get my craft desk I will have an idea what kind of decor I want that would be use for both decor and storage. I want my decor to be multi purpose. So what that being said this is the item that I completed.Once again I need to remember to take more before pictures. As you all know Micheals have this section in the store that’s called create it. They have different mixed media items to personalize. Items such as clothing, metals,ceramics,so on and so forth. I picked up a ceramic pineapple.I had it but didn’t have any ideal what I could use it for so I just left it.I finally decide to paint it and will probably use it as an catch all for my desk supplies. So before I show you some of the process I used acrylic paint in the colors of carrot and grass greenThese two colors was the closest I could get to a pineapple color. I painted the body with 3 coats of the carrot, letting it dry in between coats,After that finish dry I painted the crown of the pineapple with the grass green.(Once again I forgot the pictures). I only put one coat of the green on the crown because I wanted it to look natural. Now looking at it I should have added a little of the yellow on the crown to give it that look as if the leaf is turning. Here is what the finish project look like.I liked the way it turn out, I wanted to draw on the spikes that pineapple have but I didn’t want to mess it up so I decide not to. I cant wait to add this item to my desk. I will share with you how all these come together in a future post, so stay turned.

As always I will leave you with this

Keep crafting.

Let there be light

Hi and welcome back to my blog. I hope you had a good crafting weekend.I had a good weekend and I started some projects that I will share with you. I have to keep you coming back. So today project comes with a short story. One day I was watching you tube and I saw a video on how to make a mason jar lamp. I was so intrigued with this I order a light kit from amazon, purchase another light kit from Home Depot and found some mason jars that I had around the house. In the video the person show how she cut a hole in the bottom on the jar, thread the cords thru, put the light kit together and she had a lamp. I didn’t want to do all of that so I found a light kit where the cord connects to the side of the housing for the bulb. I later found out my kit was a 3 way kit. So anyway I drilled my hole into the top of my mason jar, connect my light kit and hold and behold I had a lamp. Fast forward now I’m in Florida and I found that I have a new favorite drink which comes in a very nice bottle.(wait for it ).Stick with me its coming. So you are asking what do that have to do with making a lamp.Well I just love this drink and the bottle is so nice,and I love making lamps,( I made 3 so far). I guess by now you can see where I’m going with this. Yes I made a lamp with this bottle. I repurposed my former lamp kit and made a new lamp. This lamp took me around 20-30 minutes because you have to drill a hole in the top, attach the light kit and make sure the bottle can handle the weight of the light.In the picture above I show how I measured the hole on the new top from my previous lame and drilled a hole in the new top. I also add gems to the bottle to give it some weight.Here is my finished project. I’m using it now just so I have a lamp to read in bed with, but as soon as I get my craft area set up. I will be adding this to my desk.

So that it for today. I hope you return to see what I do next. Always remember to

Keep Crafting

Looks what’s back:Coffee Time

Hi and welcome back to my blog. Once again I want to thank all of you for sticking around for my return. I also want to thank all of my new subscribers to my blog. I hope I don’t disappoint you. So today I’m back with coffee time. Coffee time is the time I sit down with a hot cup of coffee and just fill in you and catch you up. So as most of you know I moved to Florida and I didn’t have the opportunity to blog much. I’m still with Michaels, but my role at this store has change,so I dont have a steady schedule and hours. So I now have to take the time to make an actual crafting and blogging schedule. But like everything else it will take time. The good thing is I have a blank canvas(my apartment) and I have a lot of decorating to do,and you will be right there with me. One of my biggest projects will be setting up a crafting area in my bedroom. My new bedroom is much small than the previous one,but this one I share with Pebbles(my fur baby)only.Right now all my stuff is in my closet and If I want to work on a project, I have to go to the closet ,get my supplies and bring them at the table( the kitchen table) to work on them. So now I’m planning to either buy a table to set up my craft items or make one. I think I’m going with making one. I cannot find a table that is long enough to hold all my crafting items. I would like to have access to my Cricut maker as well as my sewing machine at the same time.I also have a printer and a lap top. I need to have all those items in one area so I can just sit down and craft. I did complete a smaller crafts this week, as you probably saw by now. It was my little side table. I still haven’t gotten the supplies to make another one,but as soon as I do I will show you the space.This is what the table look like but I haven’t decided what will be placed on it yet. My daughter has a plant that will go into that pot, but I dont know if it will get enough light so we will see. My other option is that white lantern. I got them from five below for 2.50, so I did pick up two. Well I will bring this long blog to an end for today. I hope you stay around so see what’s coming up. And as always Keep crafting.

Getting back into some kind of groove.

Hi and welcome back to my blog. Today I have a small project I complete this week. I made a side table for my solarium. I have two empty corners between on large window, and I throughly I need to add something in them. Sorry I didn’t take picture of them before but did take pictures of the process. So let me tell you about this table. It cost me $3.00. At first I want to make it for my daughters bedroom because she wanted some where to place a candle on,but after I placed it in the corner, I decided I will make two more. So let me tell you what they are made of. Two mesh trash cans and a pizza tray. Yes all from Dollar Tree. And all I had to do was a little painting and glueing.

The first thing I did was take all the labels and tags off the items and painted the pizza tray black. The tray comes in a silver.So while the tray dried, I started to glue the trash cans together.and let the dry. After they dried a bit and I could handle them without them coming apart I glued the pizza tray to the top of the trash cans and let all the components dry for six hours. I forgot to mention I also used some Fix all glue from Dollar Tree. I didn’t have my trusty E-6000 but it worked just as well.And here is my finished project. Them items on the table is for display only. I haven’t yet decide what will be on them , but as I said I will be making another one for the other corner, and you know as always I will share, all my projects with you and as I finish an area I will show you the completed space. I’m working with a new blank canvas. So I will end this blog here and remember Keep crafting.

Share:My finished project

Hi, welcome back to my blog from hot and sunny(for now) Florida.Thank you once again for sticking around waiting for me to blog once again.So today I’m back with a project that I started last Tuesday. Remember my Diamond Dots baby tiger. This is what it looks like when I started. So if you remember Diamond Dots are pictures on canvas where there are little diamonds that you place on this canvas to add sparkle to the picture. Far away it looks like cross stitch, and maybe we can call it cross stitch with a twist. So above is what my picture looked like before I started it.Every morning before I had to get ready for work, I would spend a least one to two hours on it. It was so addictive , that on the last day my daughter whom wanted to try it ended up putting the finishing and missing gems on it. So here is my finished picture.So the thoughts on this project. I found it to be something to do to relax. Its very time consuming, but it you have free time I highly recommend it. Another thing you should know is this is the smaller one and there is one bigger than this one. The measurement for the picture itself is 11by14. I dont know the measurement for the larger one. This one is pricey at $17.99 and I used a 50% off coupon which still cost me around $9. These items are available at Micheals.

Well that all I have for you today. Thursday will be my crafting day and I will share with you every project. For the time being I will not be able to do my daily blogs . I have to set up my new craft area with you and I will share how I store my craft items and organize my craft space. That will be coming soon. So until then,

Keep crafting

I’m back…….Its been awhile.

Hi and thank you for sticking around my blog. And for those who didn’t SHAME ON YOU.LOL. So what’s been going on in my absent. So before I get started let me explain the reason why Ive been AWOL.The reason I’ve been away is because I relocated. Yes I moved from New York to Florida. There was so much to do I didn’t have time to craft. And where as I knew I wanted to move to Florida since February, the move happened so fast. There was so much planning to do and packing to do that I still have a whole lot of stuff I need to pick up from New York in a future date. So now I’m some what settled, its only been 3 weeks,UGH I took some time to do some crafting and start a project for my solarium wall. So the first project I want to share with you is the picture I’m working on. As you know some time ago I purchase the diamond dots picture and I was planning to work on it as soon as I got home with it but life happened and I didn’t have the time to work on it. So last night I was sitting at the table and I decided to work on it.This is all the components that came with this picture. It came with the canvas where you put the diamond on, a stylus and wax to pick up the diamonds and a tray to hold the diamonds you are working with. I worked on this picture about three hours last night and this is what it look like when I went to bed.I dont know if you can actually get a close up picture, but you can notice where the diamonds are compare to where there isn’t any diamonds. I worked on it more this morning and this is how far its gotten.When you look at it, it almost looks like cross stitch. I will share with you as soon as I finish as well as the space I placed it.

The project that I worked on last week was a couple of pillows for my Pebbles. If you dont know Pebbles she is my dog. Yet she dont know she is a dog and no one wants to tell her. While we are in the living area, she need somewhere to lay so she dont have to lay directly on the carpet. So me and my roommates which consist of my daughter and her good friend when to a discount Disney cast member shop. There along with chair we picked up an item that Disney use to put at the bottom on the bed , I guess in case people sit on the bed they sit on this instead of the blanket. I’m drawing a blank what they are called ,sorryIt covers the bottom of a full size bed. So what I did was cut it in have and then sew the half in half to make a pillow.Sorry I dont have pictures of the total process and what it looked like completed, but I can show you who loved it.As soon as I finished it and placed it on the floor she went to it and laid down. Excuse the mess behind her that another project that I will share in a future date. I also made her a pillow for the bed. Thats the pillow I made for the bed where I sleep and she sleep.So to keep her from sleeping on my pillow she now has her own.

So I hope you are still sticking around because I’m back and I will share with you my new craft area setup. So as always

Keep crafting.