A quicky

Hey welcome back to my blog. I just have a quick announcement to make and since I don’t have a finished project to share, I went to tell you something. I won’t go into details but in the next coming weeks my blog might have holes. What I mean by holes you say, well I will have a big organizational/purge going on and between that and my work schedule I won’t have a lot of time to craft. I will try to share the organization with you, as well as a few crafts but it won’t be on a daily basis. Please don’t leave me because as you will see in the coming weeks,something exciting will be happening and I will be sharing all with you. I do have a project I’m working on, but it turn out to take more time than I expected it to. So stay tune for that. Well I’m ending this blog now but remember,

Keep crafting

Its not a Saturday Haul

Hi and welcome back to my blog. As you can tell from my title, you probably know what this blog is. How back what is a shopping haul for 200 Alex. Yes that would be correct. So I have a small haul for you today because it will be used in hopefully one of many crafts for the reminder of the week and just some add on item. So let get to it. I brought these mini crates from Michaels. I was standing at the counter today and they were just talking to me. They said something like I can be used for a decor/organizing element. I looked at them and said really and they said yes take us home and we will give you ideas. So I brought them home. No I’m not crazy, but any time I see something that looks interesting, my mind make me think. I do have an idea for them but you just have to see.

Before I move on. Please excuse the tray I was doing a craft and I damaged the paper. Let this be a lesson to all you crafters out there. Protect your work surface always. So the next items I picked up from Target. I want to pick out fun colors to use with the above crates,but that you will have to wait to see what I do with them.The next item is some ink joy gel pens. I love the way these pens write and now they make them with caps. Just something new to try.The final item is just a couple of blade refills for my paper cutter. Nothing big, just wanted to share.I think I’ve covered my haul. It was just a couple of items I need for a new project. So I will leave you till tomorrow, soooooo

Keep Crafting.

Getting my craft on

Hi, welcome back to my blog. How is everyone doing. I hope your week so far has been crafty. Today I come to you with a craft for the sewing people out there. All the sewing people out wave your hands in the air and wave them like you just dont care.Ok ok I am coming back. So before I went off the rails, so to say, I have a craft I didn’t realize I needed until I decided I wanted to sew more neatly. I will also have a bonus at the end. So the item that I made is a mini ironing board. I have a mini craft iron that I usually just put on a tray with a towel and iron little projects that I dont want to be hassling with a big iron and board.This little iron is good for little projects such as sewing open seams and just ironing small pieces of fabrics.

So I decide to make something that would compliment this little iron, a portable ironing board.The items you need as shown is a piece of cotton fabric of your choice, a dish drying mat,(You can also use an old towel) and a block of wood. (Sorry I forgot the measurements of the wood). The first thing I did was to open the fabric and make sure there was enough room for the dry mat to fit.You can’t tell but the drying mat is under the piece of fabric,because I need to know if there was enough fabric to cover the mat. The main purpose of the mat is to have a cushion to iron on. The next step is to add the piece of wood and make sure its tight enough.Once I made sure everything fit, I staple all the pieces to the back of the wood.Once everything is stapled together I did one more check to make sure it was tight.And here what the finished project look like . It is functional and portable. The best thing is you can use it next to your sewing machine and never have to leave your sewing area to iron down seams.

*****Bonus Alert*******

Here is a bonus for all of you Cricut Maker owners who also owns a sewing machine.Its the Cricut sewing tool kit. Not necessarily needed for either your Cricut Maker or sewing machine, but since I brought the Cricut craft tool kit for my Cricut Explorer, why shouldn’t have a dedicated tool kit for the/cricut Maker. The best part of this purchase is it was half the price as it is at Micheals and I got it from Amazon.I can’t wait to sit down and use all my new sewing aides and as you know i will always share.

So as always,

Keep crafting.

Coffee time Monday edition

Hi and welcome back to my blog. Yes I know its Monday and coffee time is usually on Sunday, but yesterday was a busy day for me, I had a lot of chores Ive been putting off and decided since I was home I should do them. I figure I would find time in the day to do this but I didn’t. Sorry is all I can say, but as you all know life happens. So how was everyone’s weekend. I hope you at least found some time to craft. I did complete one project on Saturday.I will share that with you tomorrow. So lets review the past week shall we. So as you know my blog was all over the place, I did project in which I had to share my hauls,I did hauls and projects not in any kind of order, I just shared. Last week project that I shared were my candle holders and washi storage box.All of them came out super nice and I will be doing more projects like this. I hope to be able to fine different size boxes so I can organize my planner stickers.I also want to take the candle ideal and make a candy holder,or even use it to make a cute flower vase. The possibilities are endless. I also shared a Dollar Tree, Michaels and Target haul with you. Some of the items were mainly to add to my stash. Otherwise my sharing week was really bad.Hopefully I can get my life together and get myself back on track. So this was my week in review, I hope you didn’t find it too boring. I will be back with my week in preview so please return.

And as always

Keep crafting.

Just let me shop and nobody gets hurt

Hey welcome back to my blog. Today is Saturday and guess what, I have a haul for you. Some of these items you may recongize from craft projects I shared in the beginning of the week, but nevertheless they was part of my weekly haul. So lets start with items I purchase from the Dollar Tree.I purchase some candle holders.I know you saw them this week because I shared a craft project I made using them.The other two items was this red basket and the ziplock bags. I will be using them for future projects. The ziplock bags for a previous craft remake. ( I can re craft it, I can rebuild it, make it better. make it stronger). Coming soon. The basket will be used for storage,but that too will be crafted,(is crafted a real word) to something a little more stylish. The next two items are dish drying mat and some foam sheet. The drying mat is for a project that I will be sharing soon, and the foam is just for my stash.The next items is just a candle , some LCD lights with gems and some tape. If I didn’t share that craft( I don’t remember if I did)I will share with you the craft I did with the candle. I didn’t buy the candle for the candle, just the jars. And of course you always need to keep a supple of tape as well as glue in your stash(Its a staple).So the next items in this haul blog would be Michaels items.NO there can never be a haul without something from Michaels. The the first item is just a smushy sticker. Why? Just because!The next item is some buttons. They were on clearance and I thought they were cute and a nice addition to my stash.The next item was some spring loaded scissors. I just wanted to try them .The next items are for projected I worked on and share or will be sharing. The first item is a box. A plain old wooden box, but look what I turned it into.I made a washi storage box out of it. I shared this is a blog post this week. If you decide to go to that blog, you can see how it look with washi tape.The next item will be used in a project that I have complete and will share with you in a future blog post. The last items was just some paint I picked up from Target. I used those to paint the wooden candle holder in the blog earlier in the week. Well that is my haul for the week. I have projects that I will share next week, so come back and see what I have next for you. And as always,

Keep crafting.

Just a little chit chat.

Hi and welcome back to my blog. Today blog will be a small blog because I want to give you the chance to comment on any of my blogs that has been published as of this date. I want to know what you think of this blog, my crafts or just me. You ask I will answer. I want to make this blog interesting and I can try to do it without you,but I dont want to. So please help me make this the best blog that I can, as well as something you look forward to.

And as always Keep Crafting

Crafting does the body and mind good

Hi and welcome back to my blog. Sorry I missed yesterday but it turn out to be a day of confusion. I had to go to work for a couple of hours on top of that I had a doctor appointment. After my doctor appointment , I went shopping with my mom. So need less to say,when I finally got home I didn’t want to take out a sewing machine,hot glue gun, e-6000, cricut machine, not any of that. I didn’t want to do a blog on what I want to do but rather what I did,complete or not. Today I do have a craft for you. It took me a couple of days to complete it because the items had to be painted.I purchase these wooden candle holders. I purchase some paint from Target. I purchase a color called Malted Milk, and Shimmer Egg.I decide to go with the Malted Milk, because it is a smooth color. I also purchase some candle holders from Dollar Tree. Sorry I don’t have any picture of the painted wooden candle holders, but here is what the finished project look like.Sorry for the back ground I was trying to get the pictures before my IPad died and I also was in another room. I will now show you what they look like set up in its new location.I put some LCD candle in it and just love the way it. I hope you enjoyed this small craft. Come back and see what else I have in store for you.And I will leave you as always,

Keep Crafting

Washi washi everywhere

Hi and welcome back to my blog. I wanted to do a quick craft for you today ,well at lease before this day ends. I notice one day while trying to organize my printing area I have two storage draws with washi tape. The way these draw are set up is when you pull out the draws the come out on a slant,so the washi is easier to access. I find this two messy because sometimes they fall thru the holes in the draws. I wanted to purchase one from Micheals, but the nice ones are $30 and I would need about 3 and I dont have the room for them.So I decided to try my hand at making a storage box for my washi tape. On yesterday blog I showed you the supplies I needed.I purchase a wooden photo storage box as well as a piece of Basa wood. I painted the out side as well as the top of the box black. I didn’t paint the inside or the basa wood because no one will see it.After I painted the pieces I allow them to dry overnight. My next step was to put some decorative elements on the top. I hope to be able to find an area where it would be out as a display type of item.The decorative item I used was a flower stencil, which was from a previous haul. Then I added more stencils but only to the cornerswhile I let that day I measured and cut the basa wood out to fit the inside of the box like columns.After that was done and I realized I didn’t have enough basa wood, this is what my finish project look like.I think it came out very nice and the box itself would be a nice addition if you want to use it for any other purpose. I hope you like this project and I will be here tomorrow for a new blog.

Keep crafting

Makers gonna make

Hi and thank you for coming back to see what kind of mess I will create this week. No just joking. I love my crafts and taking the time to research,purchase and plan my creations so they aren’t mess.I just need to occasionally add a little humor to this blog. So how are things going for all of you today. Here in NY its a nasty rainy day, so you know what that mean, its time for crafting. As you know I use this day to share my plans for this week and you will be surprise how much I have to do. I will get right to it, Yesterday I shared with you some Christmas ornaments a customer return. Well I came up its a project for them and I will be sharing that with you, I have some sewing project in mind for you this week so that is something I hope you look forward to. On another day I share some other items I hauled and I will be working on projects using those itemsThese will be candle holders. I was also may purchase a couple more to make candies dish.We will see. Also I told you about the diamond dot picture I have. I will share the process with you on that. I will try to have all these crafts here this week , so if you dont see them right away, dont worry they are coming.I think that’s all I have to share with you today, but I will try my best to return tomorrow with a craft or two so please return.

And as always

Keep crafting

Coffee time: Let’s get this started

Hi and welcome back to my blog. I’m sitting here just having my morning java thinking about what else crafting. Ok I’m not really thinking all about crafting but it’s there. I have a shorter work week so,I have a little more crafting time. So how has everyone’s week been. I hope it was full of fun and crafting.As you know I usually use this time to review what been going on in my blog last week but all I had was one craft, the potholder pocket pouch. My craft week sucked!!!!!!!! The good news is it will be better this week. I do have one thing to share before I end this blog, yesterday a customer returned some Christmas ornaments. Yes!Christmas ornaments.Yes! Christmas was 4 months ago and yes people are returning Christmas items,and yes! we are refunding . So I purchase said ornament because I’m a crafter who think out of the box.I have plans for a decorative item, I was thinking about adding some different color floral sand,or even little pieces of flowers. I will show you what I did in a future project. Well I will now bring this blog to an end for today. I will leave you with a question. What process do you use when planner your craft, do you just wing it or do you sit and plan it. Let me know in the comments.

As always

Keep crafting