I’m creative: You can expect me to be neat too.

Hi and welcome back to my blog. I’m back today, not with excuses for why I didn’t post daily blogs this week, but just to share as much as I can share for the week. I didn’t have any major crafts this week because I just cant seem to make it to Dollar Tree and Micheals kinda suck this week for craft supplies.Or maybe it just me. I will share with you what I have so far. So a while back I purchase this book from Michaels. As you can see from the title you can probably figure out what its about. It’s a pre “scripted” log book for crafters.This book contain pages that you fill with everything you need for planning projects to keeping track of social media to books and picture of projects as well as a place to keep all you craft book info. This is how the pages are set up in the book, so all you have to is fill in the pages. It’s a good way to keep track of what you are doing. I did decide to take it a step further by adding pictures of project Ive done and dates so I can do a throw back blog one day. I started to print pictures using my Polaroid printer, and these are what I have so farI will share this book in the future when I get it set up and organize. I will also be using this idea in my travelers note book I use for ideals.I will print pictures of crafts ideas and other craft project to have on the go, You never know when inspiration hits you.I did have a small haul this week. From Michaels I purchased this stencils. I purchased two different packs as shown above and there were four different stencils in each Pack. They are on sale this week for 40% off which was $2 each plus my discount so I paid less. I also purchase the paper mache bear which I want to use as a decorative item. I probably purchase another one today so I can make a pair. I also found the paint next to the bear from Target. It was chocolate brown and I thought it will be aa cute color for the bear. I will also be looking for a lighter brown if I choose to purchase another bear.I also purchase the cricut cutting mat. This mat uses the same measurement as the circut design space so It will be good for exact measurements. The last item I have purchase is a letter board.i dont know if I shared this item on the last blog but If I did sorry.I have to work on it to center everything and add some element to it so the wood do not look so bland next to the grey and I will be looking for color letters to add a pop of colors on the board.I will share that in a future blog. And speaking of a future blog I will be making microwaveable heating pads. As you know I sprang my knee last week and still have some pain. My store manager mention that she uses a heating pad she made out of a sock and some long grain rice. So I’m doing some research on what I can do to make some using other items and materials. I will share that craft soon.

Well this bring me to the end of my blog and I will leave you as always,

Keep crafting

Focus on the good, not the moments we missed

Hi and welcome back to my blog. I sorry I didn’t have coffee time yesterday. I wanted to do the blog but nothing much happened on the blog this week to review. This was a bad week for my blog. I didn’t have a chance to buy anything and because I hurt my knee on Wednesday, I tried to stay off it. It was a sad week because you all know I like to do my Saturday haul blog. I didn’t even get a chance to work on any crafts. The good thing is I did watched some stuff on Netflix as well as research some crafts I’m interested in trying. I even found legs for my butler tray table from Amazon which I will get this week.Hopefully I will be able to show you the finished project.So how was everyone week. I hope it was very productive. So let me tell you what I have planned for this week. I will not keep the same format because I still need to pick up some items. I plan on working on my cell phone case which will probably be a long term project. I will have to purchase a 12 by 24 cutting mat for my cricut. I also want to work on a project I saw on you tube but my version. I cant remember her name but she made a little case that can be used as an on the go first aid, sewing kit or anything else you can think of . I also want to complete my butlers tray table but if I can get me legs this week. Of course I will have a haul for you it I can get all the items I need to complete my projects. Sorry this is a short blog,but I hope to make up for it with a lot of content in this coming week.Please stick around I will be getting back on track. And as always,

Keep crafting.

Keep calm and get your crafting on

First of all I need to explain my absence on Friday. Let me start on Wednesday. On Wednesday we had a nor’easter hit the city and it was bad. I had to be at work at 7am. It was really bad that I was the only manager in the store till 4pm. At 4pm I finally left the store and made it all the way to the Bronx and fell. It was so slippery and slushy that I had an issue getting up. Good thing I fell near a park that I had to hold on to the gate to get up,cos every time I tried to get up alone I kept falling. Long story short I hurt my knee and had to go to urgent care where I was told it was a sprang. So basically I had to stay off my knee for a couple of days. I do have some organizational projects but as for hauls, I didn’t get a chance to shop this week.I did purchase a storage box. I think I showed this in last week haul. I decide to use it for all my craft supplies.So as I purchase items for craft project, I will store them in the box so I have on area for them. I will only use them for future projects. As shown I have some clay items and glue sticks which is only there for picture purposes.I placed other craft items in the box, but I didn’t take pictures.The next item I have for organization is this potion jars. When Michaels had their Halloween items, I purchase some potion jars.I brought 2 black jars and two purple jars ( which I painted rose gold) I never knew what to do with the jars,until I brought my gelatos. I put them in the potion jars and I can store them on my desk. A great way to store them that make your desk looks fancy. Remember this box. Well I use this on my desk for hand creams and lip balms. I’m sorry I dont have any pictures but it sits on top of my wooden boxes I shown in a previous blog.

So once again I will bring this blog to an end. Please if you have any questions please comment below.And til next time

Keep crafting

Never mind the problem, let’s focus on a solution

Hi and welcome back to my blog. Today is Thursday and this is the day I ask for suggestion on what you would like to see me attempt to craft,how I can add to this blog. Its also throw back Thursday. So how has everyone week been so far. All I can say is Ive been busy. I started a diet , trying to get back to the gym and just be healthy in mind, body and soul. So remember any suggestion you have please share in the comments and I will get back to you and even try anything you suggest. So lets get to the throw back. Early in my Micheals years, the first craft I was interested in was making charms. I found so many bits and bobbles that I wanted to make cell phone charms and bag charms as well as planner charms. Recently I found some of my first charms and in the coming week I think I would like to redo these charms and share my new creation. Also if you see some that can be improved please comment.These are my first planner/bag charms. In the beginning of my planner stage, I was using a ring system and the chains had to be long enough to hang on the spine of the planner. As you can see I didn’t have much of and creative imagination. At the time it was good enough. But now that Ive evolved, I think I can remake them. These are my cell phone charms. Back them cell phone had little notches that you could add charms to them. You could also attach them to you cell phone case. At the time it was a good thought,but now I can improve them to make even better charm for a cell phone case. I will show you both new creations,coming soon to a blog near you.

So I will now leave you with a questions. What are some of the craft you created and how would you improve them.

As always as I end this blog

Keep crafting

Keep calm, I’m crafting

Hi and welcome back to my blog. I think Wednesday might be the one day I have the shortest blogs because I just give a sample on a craft I’m working on. One day there will be a special blog where I will put all my larger project together and show you how they came out and how I used them. So let get started.I dont know if I ever mention, but I’m a pet parent. I have both a cat and a dog. My cat has a bed that I made him out of a wooden crate,which he sleeps in now and then, my dog usually sleep in my bed next to me. She usually sleep close to me because the sheets are cold and she like to be warm,So I decided to crochet her a blanket. Not to wrap up in but to lay it on the bed so she dont have to lay directly on cold sheets. The thread I should you in a haul, but for those who missed that here is a picture.This yarn is suppose to be for a kids cap with the little puppy on top instead of a pompom. I thought it looks like my pebbles.So I decided to make to make a blanket for her. So far this is how its coming along. Hopefully this will be finished by the end of the week. I would like to have a picture to show you just how much she enjoying it.

Just wanted to share a picture of my other fur baby, dont want anyone to feel left out. Also I wanted to give you an idea of what my cat crate bed look like. The one in this picture I made for my brothers cat.So I hope you enjoyed this blog and come back to see the finished project.

As always

Keep crafting

Crafting is the only way to escape without leaving home

Hi welcome back to my blog. Today is the day I share a project that took me little to no time to complete. I also show you that you can take any thing recycle it and make something new and functional.So lets get started.The supplies I used was a cell phone box,(My mom just got an iPhone),Some rope and glue gun and glue sticks. I only use the top of the cell phone box because there was stuff in the bottom to hold the cell phone itself and once you removed it, the bottom isn’t as neat as I like it.

This was a simple and easy project because all you have to do is wrap the rope around the box,using the hot glue to attach it. I went around the box seven times and used only four glue sticks.Try to put the rope as close together as possible,using only a little glue at a time. When I first started my box,the first line of hot glue came out thick and I couldn’t get the rope as close as I would have like it. This is what the finished project look like.To give the top a more finished look , I decided to add the black ribbon to the edge top. The pink flower I found in my stash box was to give it a touch of color. I think it came out real nice and I will show you how I will use it in a latest blog.

How you enjoyed this project and as always

Keep crafting

Why review for a test I know I can pass

I know you probably saying what test? Hi welcome back to my blog. I’m always thinking about what can I say to make you want to read this blog. Well welcome to my previews. This week if time allow, and I will try my best to make it happen, I plan on using my gelatos to paint a picture that I will use in another project. I’m also working on my cell phone case. I designed the pattern and now I need to adjust the size. I did trial and error with my cricut maker and all I have to do is get a larger mat for my maker. I will share two organization project. I want to show you have little jars for small items for my desk. I also want to share a new project with you that will probably take a couple of weeks to complete. Like I said in a earlier blog, even through I haven’t been here don’t mean I haven’t been planning. You know what that say. A PLANNER GOT TO PLAN. Well I know this is short but I hope to return tomorrow.

And as always

Keep crafting

First I drink coffee then I do things

Hi, Welcome back to my blog. And for all those who return after my brief absence,thanks for sticking around. Hopefully I can get this blog on a schedule that I can stick to. I want to share with you all my organizational, big crafts, small craft as well as hauls with you.So as you know this blog is my coffee time blog. What is coffee time you ask. It’s the time I sit down with a piping hot cup of coffee and review the week. This week I dont have anything to share because I didn’t have much time this week to do anything craft wise anyway. I will share my haul. I did pick up some items that I plan on use in future crafts.I picked up some water brushes. I like using them when I use water paints. I haven’t painted in awhile, but I plans to do so soon.The next item is these gelato. I plan on using it on some coloring pages. I will use them with the water brushes above. The next item is Gesso. I brought this to use with the Gelatos, I also purchase some brushes to use with the gesso.The next item are for organization purpose.This item I brought because one it was on sale at Michaels for 7.99 regular 19.99 and I have an organization plan for it.The next items are just supplies. I brought a heavy duty craft knife and some Christmas card stock which was on clearance. I also purchase an expansion pack. I’m planning using my mini happy planner for both personal and work, . The key chain is an aromatherapy key chain, its a locket type key chain with a felt disk to hold the oils. I forgot the keys, which I plan on using in a craft.Believe it or not that was my purchases for the week.

Im sorry I dont have too much to blog about this week,I hope next week is so full. And as always

Keep crafting.

Missing blogging is like missing my good friend

Hi and welcome back to my blog. I know Ive missed two days and its not because I wanted to, its because I dont have enough time this week to blog. So let me explain. At the Michaels were I work we recently got a new assistant store manager. He finally put everything back on track because when the previous ASM left its like my Store Manager left with her. Everything was a ball of tangle yarn. As apart of CEM team we was practically running the store. So in come a new ASM. He sat down and untangle the mess that was our store. Fast forward 2 months later, he got promoted to SM at another store leaving us once again without an ASM, and to add to the mess 1 week after the ASM got promoted my SM resign. UGH. But in true Michael’s form we had another one. It’s like in Buffy the vampire slayer, if one slayer dies another one is put in her place within the blink of an eye, not a moment goes without one. So back to the new SM, she had to learn our store and now the mess of yarn is back, not as messy as before but messy never the less. Our (CEM’S) schedule is all over the place and I cant seem to get a schedule together to work on any crafts and this blog. Hopefully I can get back on track by the end of the week. I have so many crafts in my head that I want to share, I have to write little notes to self. I will be back ASAP , so please stay tune to this blog and see what I have in store for you.

And as always

Keep crafting

Coffee time

Hey welcome back to my blog for a recap of what hot and not for the week. Ok maybe not but it sounded interesting. This is the day of the week where we sit down with a piping hot cup of coffee and just review the past week, Why coffee you are asking? Well two reasons, I love coffee. It give me that get and go when I feel like my body is saying no,and why not, coffee is a liquid hug for your brain. And in the morning who wouldn’t like to be hugged by some warm loving arms.Sorry this blog is late but I had an appointment with the oral surgeon this morning. So how was everyone’s week. Well I had a great week until I injured my tooth.I didn’t get as much done this week as I would have liked but I have, but I got something completed. So first I finally finished my charging table with station. Now my next issue is where should I put it. One of my favorite things is making tables out of things you have never think about make tables out of . I also completed my tech accessory bag.The next topic for the week was how I organized items in my room. I made a temporary charging station to organize the space next to my bed

I also organized my rolling craft bag. I didn’t take before picture of these items because I wasn’t going to share them, but they both came out looking good so I figure why not add them as project

The last thing i had to share is just a haul.. You know I’m a crafter and there is always something I need or see for the next project. i just that’s my week. Come back tomorrow to see what more I have coming in the future.

And remember,

Keep crafting