Preview Monday (for lack of a better name)

Hi and welcome back to my blog. Today I will give you a quick preview of what to expect from my blog this week. First I want to say sorry for not adding my planner decor, before the pen,but i had some many crafts to do my planner fell to the side. Ive finish my desk organizer as well as quick marker holder for my Lexington cart. I have so many markers I need one place for them to call home. I sometime use them for my planners as well as my coloring book. Yes I still have all the coloring books from the craze,but I use them as cover for different planner items. I’m still trying to figure out loop crochet and will have that as a craft project share. I also will share a fail craft with you. I was adding color to my tech back and since the bag is black I forgot to add white to it first so the color don’t bleed into the black , lesson learn extra time spent. I’m starting to work on my organization which I share on Friday. Of course I still would like you to use Thursday as the day you leave me comments on what craft I could have done better or crafts would like for me to attempt. I thinking about using Thursday as an suggestion give away. I want to just give a thank you to anyone who suggestion I will try. Shat you think about that. Please let me know Suggestion Thursday. So I will now leave this blog like always

Keep crafting.


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