Coffee Time

Hi and welcome back to coffee time. How was everyone’s week? If you keep up with my blog you would noticed I missed two days and was late for one, I’m late for this one because I decided to make Saturday my craft day since I was off and I worked on crafts way into the morning.Along with crafting I was trying to figure out how to organize my Lexington cart. This is what it looks like. I dont know if I shared this picture, but this is my next organization project. I will share with you on Organizational Friday. This was suppose to be my planner cart where I keep all my planner supplies,but now it just became an extension of my desk. And my desk will be the next project, as well as my craft corner. So on with the recap. I didn’t do much shopping this week because I have a lot of craft supplies for planned project.One project I did finish and will be shared on Tuesday is my desk organizer. I really like the way it turned out and I think it will be good for thing other than desk supplies. I also worked on my butler tray table which I hope will be finished and posted on Wednesday. My next big project will be my charging station. This is something Ive been planning and working on for a while and I finally purchase all the part I need to finish it. I know you are probably saying you make a lot of tables. The two thing I love to make besides planner items are tables and lamps. The lamp on my desk is something I made and it was the first one I ever made and love it. And the best part I can change the base any time I like. As for the tables, I like making items that will help with storage as well as organizing.Here are just some examples of my lamp as well as a suitcase table I made form an old suitcase my stepfather had. It’s funny how things turn out. My stepfather passed away and when my mother start cleaning out his items we found this suitcase. It was an old samsonite suit case which the inside was wood. So I painted it add leg and now I have additional storage which, as well as a place to keep my home planner. The square lamp is the change over from my original one I made out of a mason jar.The mason jar lamp was for the summer which I had it filled with sand and flowers, but I found a glass block and some vase filler and just added the light kit. Now my only problem is to find a shade to but on it. I can’t seem to find one that wouldn’t take away from the lamp.Well I’m coming to the end of this blog. I hope you enjoyed it and will stick around to see what more I have in store for you. And as always,

Keep crafting


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