Weekly Haul

I’m back with a weekly haul.So first of all I want to thank you for my first week of my new blog segments.I haven’t received any comments good or bad , so for now I will continue this format. So this week I will share my weekly haul. These items I found mostly at Michaels and are for some craft ideals I have.So these items are som succulents I purchase for my zen garden. I also purchase some Mod Podge , some glossy and some for Hardening The next item is embossing cards with matching stamps. I have an prism machine and I use it with dies, but never embossing cards. I planning to make something for my planner and I will share. The next item is just som crocheting thread. I brought a loop crochet kit and i like this color to make SOMETHING., no i just liked the color so I said why not.eSo speaking of planner MAMBI just released the metal expansion rings for their happy planner. When I saw them I just had to have them. I putted them on my happy planner classic.The last item i purchased is some small spools. I have a project I’m working on and will share on Tuesday.So that is my small weekly haul. And i will talk you tomorrow, and as always Keep crafting


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