Hi, and welcome back to my blog. Before I get started I want to apologize for missing two blogs and late with this one. This week my work schedule change and I figure I could keep up with my blogging schedule as well and It just didn’t happen. This week has for me been the truth behind life happens.So let me try to catch you up on what I missed. So as you know I decided to work on this blog with different daily segment. I trying to have some structure with the blog and not to be all over the place with it. So on Wednesday blog, it should have been major craft day. This is the day I start a long term craft and share the process from week to week until it is complete. So lets share.This week long term craft will be my version of a butler tray table. I mention that I saw one in a furniture store and I wanted to make a smaller version of it.So I’m going to recreate it but my version. This item takes time because I’m using unfinished wood tray (which is smaller) and I wanted to be something more decorative. I purchase trays from Michaels as well as decoupage paper. I also purchase some hardening Mod Podge. .One of the reason this is a long term is you have to do 5 layers and you have to wait 2 hours in between each coat. So within itself it takes 10 hrs. The second reason is I have to add leg brackets. So back to the craft. I used E-6000 to make sure the bottom of the tray remind secure.

Next I showed you the first layer of Mod Podge. This was just to put down the decoupage paper,

This is what the tray look like once I put the decoupage on the tray,I used this paper because I want to use this in the future for a side tale to place my morning coffee or afternoon tea on with my iPad or book.( Hopefully when I move I want to have a balcony to sit and relax.) What batter paper than donuts.

Lastly here is an image of the first layer of the hardening Mod Podge. So that’s one down and 4 more to go. To be continue next Wednesday.

Next I want to share is my little storage case. This case I will be using for either my tech case or my catch all case. This project is short term but because of my time issue I’m having ,It will take some time. I will share the finish project on Sunday Coffee Time.As shown I have some fabric paint, painter tape and paint tray. I just taped off the areas I wanted to paint and painted it, That simple and that easy. I’m sorry there are no picture of the finish product, but I wanted to get this blog up today because I fell behind.

So on Thursday I wanted to leave the blog open for suggestions. So this is your opportunity to share what you would like to see me try.Please leave me a comment in the comment section, I’m want new ideals and would truly welcome them.

Now Im up to Friday segment.Organization. I have a Michael’s Lexington Cart. I brought it for my planner supplies but now its a hot mess.So this weekend I will organize it and share that with you on Coffee Time.

Well that the end of my blog and I will be here tomorrow.

So as always, Keep crafting


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