Small craft day

Hi and welcome to my first edition of small craft day. This is the day I share with you crafts that takes little time to create. It could fall into any range of crafting so you will have to come back to see what I did.

So I think I mention before I wanted to update my travelers notebook that I use for my social media stuff. So today I will share that with you. I will include picture at the end so you can see how it turned out. So what I did with this planner was I added sections to the notebooks using the card stock I got from Michaels last week. I wanted to have a section for everything instead of just using the books as general notes. I wanted to have sections for different ideals as well as a calendar, so I know what I posted on my social media and what day it was posted as well as status for each posted item. So below is how it turned out and I just love how organized I’ve gotten it. I can keep notes for my daily blog segments as well as craft ideals and supplies needed. I can just go to that section and there it is.

Thank you for returning to my blog. I know this one was really short but there’s always surprises to come so stay here for more.

As always Keep crafting


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