Planning my next project: A preview

I’m here today to share with you some project I’m planning. Some of them are going to take awhile and some of them will be quick . To start I wanted to show you this table I saw at Bob discount furniture. The price was reasonable, but why should I purchase it and I can make my version for a fraction on the cost.This is the table that is sold at Bobs Discount Furniture. So I located a tray, got some leg brackets and will recreate this table. So stay tune to that.

Another project I’ve been planning is desk organization.I showed you some small boxes I’ve plan to use on my desk to hold small items like paper clips, rubber band,etc.They are unfinished boxes , so I have to figure out what finishing I want to use .

The next project is to set up my mini zen garden. I have all to components for this project, so now I have to get it in a location.

So not to make this blog so long,I will end it here. I hope you will return to see all my finished project.

Have a great day and like always, Keep crafting.


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