Big Craft Day

Hi and welcome back to my blog. Today I finally get to share with you one of my time consuming crafts. That would be my zen garden,or you take of a zen garden. This garden will bring peace to me when ever I sit at my computer, or at my planner area. I don’t know if you remember but I started with a small box of sorts and some small rocks. I painted the box white so when I added the black stones they would stand out.I also painted the edge rose gold but later changed my mind and just added some pink ribbon for color.The next step was to add the stones. This took time because each stone had to be flat and a certain size. The other reason is because I used E-6000 glue and I just used little dabs to make sure the stone would stick.Then once all the stones were placed in the box, The E-6000 had to cure form 6-24 hrs. I made sure I gave it enough time to cure because I’m going to use it as a base for an fountain.

So when it was dry I start to assemble the it the way I wanted.And here is the finished production.The top picture is my zen garden filled with black sand and some cactus, succulents and some floral vase lights just so it all can be seen in the picture, I also remember my baby Groot keychain that I thought would just be cute, he makes me smile,and sometimes just the oddest things can make a difference. You probably notice that there isn’t any water in the fountain.That because I want to give it a couple of days to see if my cat notice it.

So I hope you enjoy this blog and next week I hope to have another big craft for you. Until then

Keep crafting


Small Craft Share

Hey, how are you. I’m back with another craft to share with you. Since today is Tuesday I have a small craft to share. As I probably mention in so many blogs, I’m trying to organize my craft area. I have so much I want to accomplish, sometime it seems it will never happen. So as I heard someone say, slow and steady wins the race. So I’m starting off slow.I made an organizer for my desk. I wanted something to keep rubber bands,paper clips etc on my desk. It’s something I will use anytime I’m working at my desk.Remember these boxes I shared in a haul. Well I painted them, brought some small spools and glued them together,Here are some pictures showing you what glue I used as well as the beginning of the process. (Yes the cup of coffee was part of that process,LOL) Please excuse the mess, I have several project happening.The next was the painting of the boxes. The hardest part of doing these boxes was picking the paint colors, I didn’t want to have them the same colors, but I wanted it to be fun. After painting I added a thin layer of Mod Podge for a finishing coat with a little shine.And here what the finished product. I like the way the colors turn out, as well as how it looks on my desk. This will probably be a temporary location,because I’m in the process or reorganizing.So I hope you enjoy this little craft project.

So I will leave you like always,

Keep crafting


Preview Monday (for lack of a better name)

Hi and welcome back to my blog. Today I will give you a quick preview of what to expect from my blog this week. First I want to say sorry for not adding my planner decor, before the pen,but i had some many crafts to do my planner fell to the side. Ive finish my desk organizer as well as quick marker holder for my Lexington cart. I have so many markers I need one place for them to call home. I sometime use them for my planners as well as my coloring book. Yes I still have all the coloring books from the craze,but I use them as cover for different planner items. I’m still trying to figure out loop crochet and will have that as a craft project share. I also will share a fail craft with you. I was adding color to my tech back and since the bag is black I forgot to add white to it first so the color don’t bleed into the black , lesson learn extra time spent. I’m starting to work on my organization which I share on Friday. Of course I still would like you to use Thursday as the day you leave me comments on what craft I could have done better or crafts would like for me to attempt. I thinking about using Thursday as an suggestion give away. I want to just give a thank you to anyone who suggestion I will try. Shat you think about that. Please let me know Suggestion Thursday. So I will now leave this blog like always

Keep crafting.


Coffee Time

Hi and welcome back to coffee time. How was everyone’s week? If you keep up with my blog you would noticed I missed two days and was late for one, I’m late for this one because I decided to make Saturday my craft day since I was off and I worked on crafts way into the morning.Along with crafting I was trying to figure out how to organize my Lexington cart. This is what it looks like. I dont know if I shared this picture, but this is my next organization project. I will share with you on Organizational Friday. This was suppose to be my planner cart where I keep all my planner supplies,but now it just became an extension of my desk. And my desk will be the next project, as well as my craft corner. So on with the recap. I didn’t do much shopping this week because I have a lot of craft supplies for planned project.One project I did finish and will be shared on Tuesday is my desk organizer. I really like the way it turned out and I think it will be good for thing other than desk supplies. I also worked on my butler tray table which I hope will be finished and posted on Wednesday. My next big project will be my charging station. This is something Ive been planning and working on for a while and I finally purchase all the part I need to finish it. I know you are probably saying you make a lot of tables. The two thing I love to make besides planner items are tables and lamps. The lamp on my desk is something I made and it was the first one I ever made and love it. And the best part I can change the base any time I like. As for the tables, I like making items that will help with storage as well as organizing.Here are just some examples of my lamp as well as a suitcase table I made form an old suitcase my stepfather had. It’s funny how things turn out. My stepfather passed away and when my mother start cleaning out his items we found this suitcase. It was an old samsonite suit case which the inside was wood. So I painted it add leg and now I have additional storage which, as well as a place to keep my home planner. The square lamp is the change over from my original one I made out of a mason jar.The mason jar lamp was for the summer which I had it filled with sand and flowers, but I found a glass block and some vase filler and just added the light kit. Now my only problem is to find a shade to but on it. I can’t seem to find one that wouldn’t take away from the lamp.Well I’m coming to the end of this blog. I hope you enjoyed it and will stick around to see what more I have in store for you. And as always,

Keep crafting


Weekly Haul

I’m back with a weekly haul.So first of all I want to thank you for my first week of my new blog segments.I haven’t received any comments good or bad , so for now I will continue this format. So this week I will share my weekly haul. These items I found mostly at Michaels and are for some craft ideals I have.So these items are som succulents I purchase for my zen garden. I also purchase some Mod Podge , some glossy and some for Hardening The next item is embossing cards with matching stamps. I have an prism machine and I use it with dies, but never embossing cards. I planning to make something for my planner and I will share. The next item is just som crocheting thread. I brought a loop crochet kit and i like this color to make SOMETHING., no i just liked the color so I said why not.eSo speaking of planner MAMBI just released the metal expansion rings for their happy planner. When I saw them I just had to have them. I putted them on my happy planner classic.The last item i purchased is some small spools. I have a project I’m working on and will share on Tuesday.So that is my small weekly haul. And i will talk you tomorrow, and as always Keep crafting



Hi, and welcome back to my blog. Before I get started I want to apologize for missing two blogs and late with this one. This week my work schedule change and I figure I could keep up with my blogging schedule as well and It just didn’t happen. This week has for me been the truth behind life happens.So let me try to catch you up on what I missed. So as you know I decided to work on this blog with different daily segment. I trying to have some structure with the blog and not to be all over the place with it. So on Wednesday blog, it should have been major craft day. This is the day I start a long term craft and share the process from week to week until it is complete. So lets share.This week long term craft will be my version of a butler tray table. I mention that I saw one in a furniture store and I wanted to make a smaller version of it.So I’m going to recreate it but my version. This item takes time because I’m using unfinished wood tray (which is smaller) and I wanted to be something more decorative. I purchase trays from Michaels as well as decoupage paper. I also purchase some hardening Mod Podge. .One of the reason this is a long term is you have to do 5 layers and you have to wait 2 hours in between each coat. So within itself it takes 10 hrs. The second reason is I have to add leg brackets. So back to the craft. I used E-6000 to make sure the bottom of the tray remind secure.

Next I showed you the first layer of Mod Podge. This was just to put down the decoupage paper,

This is what the tray look like once I put the decoupage on the tray,I used this paper because I want to use this in the future for a side tale to place my morning coffee or afternoon tea on with my iPad or book.( Hopefully when I move I want to have a balcony to sit and relax.) What batter paper than donuts.

Lastly here is an image of the first layer of the hardening Mod Podge. So that’s one down and 4 more to go. To be continue next Wednesday.

Next I want to share is my little storage case. This case I will be using for either my tech case or my catch all case. This project is short term but because of my time issue I’m having ,It will take some time. I will share the finish project on Sunday Coffee Time.As shown I have some fabric paint, painter tape and paint tray. I just taped off the areas I wanted to paint and painted it, That simple and that easy. I’m sorry there are no picture of the finish product, but I wanted to get this blog up today because I fell behind.

So on Thursday I wanted to leave the blog open for suggestions. So this is your opportunity to share what you would like to see me try.Please leave me a comment in the comment section, I’m want new ideals and would truly welcome them.

Now Im up to Friday segment.Organization. I have a Michael’s Lexington Cart. I brought it for my planner supplies but now its a hot mess.So this weekend I will organize it and share that with you on Coffee Time.

Well that the end of my blog and I will be here tomorrow.

So as always, Keep crafting


Small craft day

Hi and welcome to my first edition of small craft day. This is the day I share with you crafts that takes little time to create. It could fall into any range of crafting so you will have to come back to see what I did.

So I think I mention before I wanted to update my travelers notebook that I use for my social media stuff. So today I will share that with you. I will include picture at the end so you can see how it turned out. So what I did with this planner was I added sections to the notebooks using the card stock I got from Michaels last week. I wanted to have a section for everything instead of just using the books as general notes. I wanted to have sections for different ideals as well as a calendar, so I know what I posted on my social media and what day it was posted as well as status for each posted item. So below is how it turned out and I just love how organized I’ve gotten it. I can keep notes for my daily blog segments as well as craft ideals and supplies needed. I can just go to that section and there it is.

Thank you for returning to my blog. I know this one was really short but there’s always surprises to come so stay here for more.

As always Keep crafting


Planning my next project: A preview

I’m here today to share with you some project I’m planning. Some of them are going to take awhile and some of them will be quick . To start I wanted to show you this table I saw at Bob discount furniture. The price was reasonable, but why should I purchase it and I can make my version for a fraction on the cost.This is the table that is sold at Bobs Discount Furniture. So I located a tray, got some leg brackets and will recreate this table. So stay tune to that.

Another project I’ve been planning is desk organization.I showed you some small boxes I’ve plan to use on my desk to hold small items like paper clips, rubber band,etc.They are unfinished boxes , so I have to figure out what finishing I want to use .

The next project is to set up my mini zen garden. I have all to components for this project, so now I have to get it in a location.

So not to make this blog so long,I will end it here. I hope you will return to see all my finished project.

Have a great day and like always, Keep crafting.


Coffee Time

Good morning and welcome to my first official edition of coffee time. So what is coffee time? Well in a previous post , I decided to break my daily post into segments. Coffee time segments is where I sit down with a piping hot cup of coffee and recap all that was done doing the week. Just in case I missed something or you missed something. I also want this to be the place I share my planner with you because I’m a planner girl and you can not plan or even blog without a plan.So sit back have your coffee and please enjoy this blog, it might be a long one.

So let me began with my Micheals haul. Michaels had a great sale on their valentine day items. They were 60% off the regular price. The better thing about this is on Monday they gave their customers an opportunity to use an additional 20% coupon.This made it oh so cheap. But for me it was oh so cheaper,because of an employee, I got 30%, and with deals this cheap who can pass that up.The day after Valentine Day they put eventhing on clearance,Which was still a great buy. With all the items I purchase I paid less than $8.So as shown I was very busy,lol So let me give you a quick breakdown on the items purchased.I purchased card stock paper as i mention in an earlier blog. I wanted to redo my blog travelers notebook and I wanted to use the card stocks as sections in it. The sticker I used for my weekly planner spread. I purchase the wooden hearts stickers to make planner clips. They are pretty and I figure when I do a pink or red spread, I could use it. The next item is just some decoupage paper, which I plan to use in an upcoming project. The next item is just some self inflating balloons. A team member gave all of us one for Valentine day andI figure they would be cute to give to my valentine.

The next items are for a project that I will be sharing in the future. The pen was just impulse purchase.

So let carry on to the next two store, which was a small haul for both. Dollar Tree and Five Below.

At Dollar Tree i just purchase items that I need and one item for a craft project and at Five Below the case was the same. Items that i needed.The training pads as well as the mints ,well just something i like to keep in the house.and the black sand is for an up coming project. I know you are saying she has a lot of project plan and you would be right, but be patience and all will be reveal in coming post. The items from Five Below was items I also need except for two, the keyboard cover just because it was cute and goes Nicole with my rose gold keyboard and the supernatural pen,just because I love supernatural. What more can I say. The key board was need because how else can I type this long blog using my iPad mini. My previous one fell and some of the keys popped out,but it was only $5 and I needed because sometimes i dont feel like turning on my computer. The screen cover I always keep on my phone because if my phone falls the screen saver protects my screen.

The last store I went to was Target.

Target was also because I need food for the anipeople and you know there is always something there you can use.

So along with the anipeople food, I purchase some planner items .I also purchase a small totes for the days i just run out quickly and just need a bag.The notebook are for my travelers notebook I’m redoing and tic tac gum was something I wanted to try.

So the last store i went to is staples. I just need tabs for my travelers notebook redo and some mechanical pencil.So i will bring this blog to an end now because I know it was long. But before i go I would like to share my planner spread for last week ,which I will share with you tomorrow,Due to space and the number of picture its not uploading .

So like always I will end this blog with I’ll be back tomorrow and keep crafting,


Once again, a mini haul

So it’s the end of the week for my and tomorrow I start my new blog breakdown. But i wanted to share this mini haul with you. On Tuesday Michaels had a 60% off on all valentine items,which include stationary items., kids craft items as well as home decor and baking. You know your girl couldn’t pass up the stationary even thou there wasn’t a lot going on.So I just picked up some stickers and card stock paper. These two items were priced at $4.99 and 3.99 but with my discount I paid $2.73. Yep that low, so how could i pass that up.And the good thing is I can use them after Valentine’s Day. I plan to use the card stock in my social media and blog travelers notebook. I want to update the sections . And since the cover is pink anyway its a win-win.

The next item I picked up was just some supplies from staples. I picked up some mechanical pencils and tabs to update my travelers notebook, both social media blog and work planner.

I will hopefully include my planner set up on Sunday during coffee time.

Well I guess that it for my haul . I hope you all have a craftastic weekend.

And as always

Keep crafting