Catching up Again!!!!!

So  I’m back again with an update. I’m so sorry it isn’t more often, but it’s all that’s going on with me at work, its hard for me to blog as well as craft. I did complete a small project which was for my personal use which i will share in this blog,but i also have a lot of crafts project in the works. I decided that instead of just sitting down an do the crafts, i sit down and brain storm, brain dump and put it all on paper to make sure its good enough to share. I can’t wait to share these projects with you. Also as i mention my last time I’m working on a you tube video , which I’m now in the process of research and planning. So if all goes well i hope to have it up and running by the end of this month. The diy i was working on today was just a little pouch for my gym bag.My gym bag is just a simple barrel bag with one zipped pocket on the outside.I need a pocket on the inside of the bag because when i go to the gym after work i take just my gym bag  and i put items i need for work inside my bag. I decided i needed a pocket to put my cell phones (yes i said phones),wallet and other smaller items i hate having to scramble for in the bottom of my bag.I found a scrap piece of material and made a little pouch that holds all my items.I know its not a big deal, but  hate having to search the bottom of my bag for stuff. Well I’m going to bring this blog to an end now. I’m sorry the content wasn’t exciting today, but the next one will be better.On another note i just wanted to include some cute photos no related to this blog, but it just a share of my anipeople.