A small pen haul

Hey , I’m back with a small pen haul.I made an order with Jet Pens. I was the first time I ever placed an order with them and wasn’t dissappointed.My order came quicker than expected,and was packed and shipped very well. I will place another with them.I also purchase some pens from Dollar Tree and I was also happy with them,all except one.So let me tell you how I came about with my Jet Pen order. I watch a you tuber name AK Caraboo. She always talk abou Jet pens and pens she purchase from me.So one day she was talking about Zebra pens named Sarasa clip gel pens. I went to another store (sorry can’t remember the name) and I found these pens but not the exact pens she had. I like these pens anyway. So I decided to look on Jet Pens web site just to see what was the difference. To my surprise the only thing I found different was the pen barrels.So the Zebra pens I ordered was the Sarasa Push Clip all 0.5 mm in the following colors, blue black,green black,blue grey and red black.I also brought a refill in blue black. I also purchase some refillable highlighter for work in the color of pink and blue. They are by a company named Platinium preppy.I also brought two pens one is Zebra Surari Airlfi Grip Emulsion Ik pen,pink body 0.5 mm and Pilot Juice UP. Gel pen 0.4mm. Point both in black ink.So now with the DollarTree haul.From Dollar Tree I purchase.6 felt tip pens. They came in pack of 2 and in 6 colors. The last pen I will talk about which disappointed me greatly was XXX special edition pen.It came 2 in the pack but one broke as soon as I start writing.  The barrel separated and wouldn’t screw back together Ugh.If the pen didn’t break it was a good writing pen.

So in conclusion,in whole I was quite happy with my purchase and will continue to purchase from Jet Pens and the Dollar Tree will still be an extra stationery spot. Talk to you soon.

Been awhile

I know , I know, I keep saying this is my big return and it never seems to happen. I’m trying so had to make a schedule to blog, continue crafting as well as setting up a you tube channel. Im working nights still and trying to make time. The good thing is i have pictures of so many crafts, planner updates.Im also in the process of starting a planner meet up group.Yes so much is happening. I also recently started a bible study course. I decided to study the bible to get more understanding of myself and what Jesus expect from me. I finally have a set up in my room so i can have a little office crafting station.I just need to now list all the things i have in the works and blog, and video tape. I hope thsi will be a regular thing now. I have have to make a blogging, video recording and crafting schedule, but for now blogging is what i will do hopefully once a week. I cant tell you the exact days, but until my schedule permit, it will be one a week. Please if you are still here please dont leave me and if you just so happen to find yourself here, hello.I will be here and you wont be sorry you stayed.