It’s a great day for blogging

Hey what’s up. So much has happened since the last time we met so let’s play catch up shall we.  I’ve been working on my stickers for the happy planner and now the happy planner mini. It’s been a trial and error situation but they are coming. By the way as your notice I did say happy planner mini sticker,ok ok I have to admit,but I have jumped on the happy planner mini train. Please don’t get me wrong I’m still in love with my regular size happy planner and wouldn’t trade it for anything but the minis her baby and I can’t be the one to keep a mother from her child. Lol. I’m using my mini for my personal stuff such as work schedules and dr appointment and my regular size one for everything. I still carry it with me, but as soon as my mini is set up who knows. So back to my sticker making I also increase my washi tape collection. Last week Michael’s had their small packs of washi tape buy one get one 50% off and you know I couldn’t miss that. This week Micheals started a new program called Everyday Value. With this new program the most popular items that customers buy will be at lower price with no sale or coupons requires. And guess what washi tape is part of this program. So any washi in the tubes $14.99 are now $10. That’s right $10. Michael’s even have a 45 count box of washi which was sold for $29.99  now $10. Yes that’s right $10. You know I had to jump on that. We also have packs of card stock paper which sold for $4.99 now $2. So check out your local Micheals for these deals and more.  So I will end this blog now and always Keep crafting,Keep creating and Craft happy. 

Talk to you soon.

Back with a jump off

Hey crafters and diyers,I’m back after a little life break. It’s seems at Halloween Micheals customers get the craftiest. So with that being said I put in more hours,with only enought time to do some crafting. I will however decided to schedule two days of writing my blog, one day for picture of my crafting items and hauls and a day to get it published.  I’m working on items to start my esty store as well as putting together some ideal about starting a you tube channel. Since the holiday season is coming before us, my daughter and myself has decided to make care packages for homeless people. Every day in the stree or riding the train we see homeless people whom don’t have enought money to take care of basic needs. So we will do what little we can to see if we can help. I will share more with you in upcoming post. I will share pictures with you. I would also like to have any suggestions of what we should put in our care packages. My ideals are travel size items such as toothbrushes and paste,mini combs and brushes, wash clothes deordant as well as snack bar and fruit snack. Just a little something to let them know someone cares. If it works out doing the holidays it might be something we will do on a regular basic. What do you think. So I guess I will bring this blog to and end now till next time. ​