Thursday Craft Day

Hi crafty crafters, hope this has been a crafty day. I have a few thing going on and I have some purchases I made. My craft for the week is is a couple of charging stations . I also brought a Himalayas  Salt  lamp.  This lamp purifies the air and removes dust particles. I didn’t get a chance to work on any other crafts, but next week will be full of crafts. So be prepared to be amazed, ok not amazed just come back to see what I’ve done. I want to share my planner for next week. Since October is upon us, I decided to make my theme for the month will be a combination of fall and Halloween. Please leave me a comment if you have any question, I will be happy to answer any question. Hope to hear from you.

Blog update 

So I decided to make Thursday my crafting day since that is the only regular day I have off. So I will post ant crafts I do on this day. I still want to post a blog twice a week, which I haven’t decided what day that will be. I just to update you my followers on the direction I want this blog to go. I also plan sometimes in the fur to start a you tube channel which I will talk about my crafts projects,planner as well as other items which I hope will appeal to the crafting and planner community. 

Just a quick update

As you know I’m trying to post twice a week but this week has been hard. I haven’t had a day off since Thursday and will have to work 2 more days before I’m off again ,so I, writing this quick post before work tonight. I haven’t been doing much crafting but I did pick up something I will definitely share in my next post.  I’ve also been working on stamps I have to print, which I truly hope I can do on Thursday as well. Only thing I have to show for now is my planner for this week which I decorated late in th game. I will be back on my regular day. Talk to you soon.

Craft story

As you know crafts can be anything from diy, sewing, crocheting , knitting as well as baking. I’m working on other projects besides making charms, one being knitting a blanket for my baby(dog) bed I. Also making out of wooden crates. It’s something I’m making for all the “anipeople” that lives here for Xmas. I will share that as well as other projects in the future. I will also. Share my weekly planner decorations as well as all hauls. Today I wanted to share with you something different. My daughter Nicole attends ICC  training to become a Pastry chef, this week her class is working on puff pastries. She usually bring her creations home but I never get to share because she comes home before I get off from work and it “attacked” when I get home.So before she went to work today I went to her school to bring home her class work for the day. She below is her creation.  Also two days ago I picked up some more stuff for my charms so that will be shown also. I have a long week coming up but I will try to work on some project and share with you in the upcoming weeks. 

Please don’t forget my quest for a tag line , the best suggestions will receive a gift from me.

Talk to you soon 

Another Michaels haul

Here is another quick haul from Michael’s. This week all the red label beads are price at 1.99. These beads are price everyday at 3.99, so that a savings of $2.00. So of course I had two pick up some beads to add to my collection. I also picked up some charms for my next project which I will be sharing in my next post. Anyway I will also share my planner for next week . So I will talk to you soon and don’t forget to check out you local Micheals to catch this bead sale.

Some of my creations

In the last post I showed you items I purchased to make my charms. Since that time I haven’t much time to make a lot of charms, but I can show you the items I completed. This charms a made for my co workers. They always ask my why I buy so many beads and they see anything I make. So as a gift to them I made the all bag charms. Everyone is different and it contains colors they like as well as something that is unique to their personality. There is also something that will remind them where they are from and that’s one bead group that is my favorite color. In the picture can you tell what color that is? Crafting should be fun and no matter how common it is add something that will let people know you care . Well that it for today. Just one more thing. Im looking for a catching phrase to sign off my blog with that I can use in the future for my branding ,so please in the comments below give me your suggestion and the winning suggestion will get a prize.thanks and talk to you soon.

The road to a haul

Well  I’m back with a small haul from the following stores, Michael’s,Walmart, Fun 2 Beads and bead world. In the picture include below I brought some beads from Micheals. This week all Michael’s green label beads are 70% off. That’s right 70% off. I took advantage of this sale not only because the bead themself are beautiful,but I still received my discount. The other beads I purchase was small and from Walmart. They had a nice size selection, but nothing that real caught my eye. I did purchase two strands because of the colors. The last two store I went to look for some fancy lobster clips which I found , not the exact one I was looking for but three was pretty close. In my next blog I will show you how I used them. I also wanted to mention on another note I did buy some scrap book paper to make covers for my happy planner and insert for my travelers notebook, as well as stickers for  my planners. So this is were I will end this blog for the day . I will be back with my creations from this week haul until then craft happy

Back with pictures

Just  to share some picture of some charm I’m working on,as well as some picture of my decorated planner pages.

My new crafting chore

So this is my first blog and I have been trying to set this up most of the afternoon. I have been working on some planner and bag charms and just trying to catch up on some projects I been planning. I can only work on craft one day a week because my work schedule is all over the place. So I have one day off where I do anything that pertain to everyday life, cleaning, shopping and appointment. Then I take one day and work on crafts. So now I start this blog I will have to add this to my planner. So let me start with the planner I use. I use three planners , well not really  three but let me explain. I use the Mambi happy planner. I love this planner and this is my main planner. I decorate this planner with washi tape and stickers. I keep all my plans and schedules in this planner. I also use the Midori travelers notebook as well as the Webster pages travelers notebook. You probably want to know why two travelers notebooks. Well my travelers notebook has two different purposes. My Midori I use as my planner I take with me. I use it to write stuff when I’m on the go or at work. The Webster pages travelers notebook I use for shopping list important information that I might need during the day when I’m out and about, I also us my Webster pages to write ideals for crafting. So I guess this is the beginning of a new adventure. I hope this blog will open doors and allow me to share what I love doing. So I will be back soon with pictures of my crafts and shopping hauls and I hope you be there and enjoy what I hope to be an exciting experience.